18 Jan 2007

Taksin interview by CNN in Singapore

The 23th Prime Minister ,Taksin Shinawatra is interviewed by Dan Rivers ,CNN Singapore on 15 January 2007.

A version with Thai subtitles is available here.
And this is what the people of Thailand saw when it was on CNN - Censored.

Thaksin is unfair and unkind to Singapore : former S'pore envoyThe Nation.
A former Singapore ambassador criticised deposed Thai prime minister of being entirely unfair and unkind to Singapore.

"Thaksin put Singapore in a tight spot. We tried to make his visit as low-key as possible. In some ways, Thaksin was unkind to us. It would have been better if he had done the CNN interview somewhere else," said Kishore Mahbubanim, a former Singapore ambassador to UN.

Kishore is now dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and gave interview to Singapore-based newspaper, Today, on Wednesday.

The Thai government on Tuesday suspend indefinitely all high-level meetings with Singapore, including a ministerial dialogue next month, to protest the island's insensitivity to Thailand's political situation.

The decision was made after deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was allowed to visit Singapore and met Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar.

Kishore said, "In my experience, when that happens you get these strong positions being taken. It's a way for the government to protect itself. So, Singapore becomes a victim in these political wrangles."

He said that Thailand was currently going through a rough patch.

Mr Mahbubani said Singapore had, in the past, gone through rocky patches with the Philippines and Malaysia and it should remain patient until the storm with Thailand blew over.

"When Thailand overcomes its difficult problems, their national interests will come into play. There are very sound reasons for Thailand and Singapore to cooperate," he said.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Listen up people of Thailand and Singapore — these are the people who live off our taxes, and they are fighting like snotty-kids in a sand pit, on our nickel.

...and we're suppose to trust them?

Anonymous said...

the thai government is a military dictatorship; you dont expect it to act in a democratic, liberal manner

on the other hand, SG could have put more restrictions on taksin's visit to make it more "private"; however, SG seems to have decided taksin is a more promising friend than sonthi; it is a gamble

Anonymous said...

S'pore has allowed dictators from Myanmar to get medical treatment in the country. So Thaksin's visit as a private person shouldn't have any restrictions as suggested. Why should there be?

His interview by CNN is within the rights of both parties. No S'pore politics was mentioned. What's so unkind about the whole matter.

The current impasse between Thailand and S'pore is wholly cause by the purchase Shin Corp by Temasek. Temasek as the whole wide world knows is a Government led organisation but which PAP leaders continually insults the intelligence of others by claiming otherwise.

Anonymous said...

In the first place, why blame others when the PAP govt has put itself in a spot. Do they still have the right to rule and uphold good and sound government?

It is quite well known that the authorities barred certain NGOs recognized by the IMF from entering Singapore so why make the exception for a persona non grata of his very own country like taxing and offend Thais who have so far been more than a cordial neighbour.

In the Cantonese phrase it's 'dog biting its own bones'

Who knows, hexes may come sooner to the self appointed first family faster than expected.

Anonymous said...

Taksin is good in this kind of publicity. He take most the Thai media interest these days.

He came to Singapore for this CNN interview. Why don't he did that in other place.

Actually Taksin is trying to catch world's media to spread out his message by travel to many countries before his diplomate passport will be expired on 25 January 2007.

Taksin always claims that he was elected by majority Thai under democrazy.

Indeed; during his 5 years as a Prime Minister, he control everything himself and his wife. The cabinet members are not allow to think but just do what he said. The Senate member is controlable by him. Government Officers who did not follow his orders were dismissed or relocated. The Police Dept. also under his control.

Furthermore; most of the Government contracts were control by his subordinates and relatives. This brings up a tremendous corruption by these group of people. This is the most severe corruption ever happen in Thailand.

Taksin; as a PM: has never answer any question in the Thai Parliament during his term. This can imply what is going on with this guy.

After the coup; there are still many trials to interfere the present Govermnment.

Singapore is one of Taksin's best friend through Temasek. This can understand easily as Temasek in now holding major stock in Chin Corp.

Anonymous said...

Thug-sin is a cunning fellow...
and now we, in Singapore look like suckers. And manipulated by him.

Are we aware of the CNA interview?

In view of the Shin Corp-Temasek scandal, we should be more careful.

We are never good at admitting mistakes. Playing 'taichi' will aggravate the matter.
Of couse, we can present our case or reasons, but at the end of this, if we could just apologise for any unintended consequences, it will be good.

The other countries are not in a similar 'soup' as they do not have a Shin Corp scandal (Shin-gate) to deal with.
So we cannot compare the Thais' treatment of our country with their treatment with other countires.

Our MFA has cocked up big...what is our Ambassador doing in Bang-kok ?
He could also have advised our govt NOT to entertain the Thaksin.

This incident reminds us we had some problems with Philippines over the hanging of Flor Contempsion when Wong Kan Seng was the Foreign Minister in the 90s.
We mishandled badly the diplomatic route and our Ambassador was recalled then; and our Singaporeans were threatened so much so that SIA flight crew were not allowed to go to the city but had to turn around for the return flight.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If toxin has any brains, he would come and settle in Singapore. He's rich, well connected and a damn good businessman.

Oh yah, to all you stone(d)-throwers, anyone who is lucky enough to recieve the reins of a state, will abuse their power, sooner or later.

As an aside — Thaksin's diplomatic passport has been cancelled, however no mention has been made on whether his state-guaranteed credit cards have been cancelled also.

Anonymous said...

I like your word, 'Toxin' for Thaksin.

Is a Hakka , somebody had asked ?

Why get our country into this mess?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant :

Is he (Thaksin) a Hakka ?

Somebody had asked.

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

I can't take credit for the word "Toxin". And it wasn't coined by the balmy-lefty "intellectuals" either.

The word "Toxin" has its etymological roots in the slither-tongued corporate world.

One of the first people Thaksin pissed off were the business people — certain corporations were "favoured", others sacrificed — in a manner of speaking. IMO, this was a big error — these folks were the ones who supported him and his "pro-business" policies.

Mid-term, he embarked on a "moral crusade" now presuming the role of messiah as well as being the foremost civil servant.

A would-be messiah. Armed with the absolute power of authority of the state to enforce his "morality".

Man, the dude was JAMMIN'! Who can blame him?

I do however claim originality in the moniker: Toxic Shitwater.

Thaksin, is essentially a leader in exile. He's been stripped of his legitimate authority. Just like the Dalai Lama. I hope they get together soon and "bond" as buddies over brandy and cigars.