29 Jan 2007

See Ya Later Gayle

It is with sadness that I came across this post about i-speak's closure. A blog run by Gayle Goh for over a year now. References to impostors posting on her blog seems to have a certain resonance with this blogs current situation.

Once I did this because I wanted to make others aware, to encourage public discourse, to help people think. Today, I don't feel like you all need any help from me in that department. I've seen the blogosphere boom, and there are hundreds and hundreds of bloggers who now post insightfully, astutely and with thought and passion. The good, the bad and the ugly have all crowded their way into the blogosphere, and I can see this in my readers -- more and more of the latter, perhaps. Most recently some have taken to being impostors, posting under my name. Others accuse me of posting under another name. Then of course, the name-callers and hecklers have never gone away. All this is going on when my identity is public. It puts me in a vulnerable position and makes it almost personal. And so the more I write, these days, the less I feel I'm helping others, and the more I feel I'm hurting myself.

to read Gayle's final post click here.

You will be sadly missed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sad, but not surprised.

I wrote to her, once she went on blogtv, once she made herself public, thats when she'll move into a "public figure" situation.

all the heckling, "while her identity is public", she says. oh well, naivity has brought many others too, young and old.

and this is what i think the agenda of blogtv is about. bringing bloggers into the limelight, upon which they will be challenged in the mainstream and with OB markers.