17 Jan 2007

Singapore Stresses Iran's Right to Use N. Energy

Someone should let the US of A know about this...
TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Singapore's parliament speaker here on Tuesday emphasized the right of all the world countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to use nuclear energy for peaceful intentions.

The official made the remarks in a meeting with the chairman and members of Iran-Singapore parliamentary friendship group, a report released by the Information and Media department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said.

During the meeting, the Iranian chairman of the two countries' parliamentary friendship group, Seyed Hossein Hashemi, viewed expansion of cooperation by the two countries' private sectors as a giant stride in deepening mutual relations.

He also called on the two countries' traders and businessmen to take the very desirable opportunities existing for investment in various economic sectors, adding that the measure would consolidate the two nations' ties.

Elsewhere, the lawmaker noted the regional position and standing of Iran and Singapore, and reminded, "Iran can serve as a proper gate for Singapore's private sector to gain access to the extensive markets of Central Asia, while Singapore is viewed as a desirable gate for the Iranian businessmen to have a share of the East Asian market.

Referring to the position of tourism in global economy, he mentioned that both states enjoy high tourism potentials which can serve as a good backup for the deepening of the two countries' cordial ties once activated.

Hashemi further noted the significance of legislative ties, and termed development of parliamentary relations, specially formation of parliamentary friendship groups as an important factor consolidating mutual cooperation between the two countries.

He also voiced the Iranian parliament's full support for the development of cooperation with Singapore in all areas.

For his part, Singaporean parliament speaker stressed expansion of the two countries' ties in the various areas of industries, man power, tourism and trade.

He also voiced his country's strong support for the inalienable right of all the world nations, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to make a peaceful use of nuclear technology.

"Iran is a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and as an NPT member, it has complied with all its undertakings," Singapore's chief legislative official said.

He further stated his country's enthusiasm for the expansion of all-out ties with Iran, and said that Iran's strategic position in the region has provided good potentials for Singapore to access the Middle-East region.


Matilah_Singapura said...

OOOh. Naughty, naughty Singapore! Uncle George Dubya isn't going to like that.

Anonymous said...

two things.

S'pore senses US influence is waning and is positioning itself to be pro-China who incidently is not so critical concerning Iran nuclear facility.


It is leaving its options open for a nuclear facility.

Anonymous said...

Third World War???

Just check on wiki to confirm that Iran is a signatory to the signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT); as opposed to North Korea which signed and later withdrew. Not surprisingly Israel has neither signed nor ratified the treaty.

On another note, though this news posting does not mention which Singaporean speaker it was, you can read about the delegation to Iran on channel news asia which AVOIDED the "nuclear" topic of course. Sensibly censored... out of sight out of mind as they say...

You can read about the delegation trip at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/253041/1/.html

The Singapore's Speaker of Parliament is none other than Abdullah Tarmugi, and other members in the Singapore delegation include Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Balaji Sadasivan, MP for West Coast GRC and Chairperson of the Singapore-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group, Madam Ho Geok Choo, and MPs Madam Halimah Yacob and Mr Wee Siew Kim.

Now, does Iran know that Singapore is pro-american when the latter invaded Iraq? Or that our government is pro- Israel when it comes to Middle East?

My only concern is how are we going to stop this global nuclear proliferation?

Judging by how US is positioning itself - loggerheads with the socialists govts in latin America, and Middle East e.g. Iran, a third world war seems scarily possible.

Military technology has advanced by leaps and bound since Second World War. The effects will be disastrous if it realises.

Posted by Anonymous & Scared