5 Jan 2007

The Death Penalty: the irony will slap you hard

Spotted someone throwing down the gauntlet at Sintercom.
The big news this week was of Saddam's final execution and of course the subsequent videos popping out to gratituously broadcast the event to our Instant Society. Normally such West-driven propaganda I ignore like the rest of the West-driven drivel, but this particular one really rackled my chain.

I present to you Charles Tan's essay on the Singapore Death Penalty, juxtaposed against the wonderfully humanitarian approach the US takes on the very same subject:


In it, Charles Tan eloquently regales against the barbarism of executions by hanging (or firing squad or other medieval methods like stoning) and how the United States is to be held up as the paragon of fairness and Justice.

I wonder if Saddam's execution slaps Charles Tan hard in the face like a salty wet fish on heat, since Saddam's heavily taunted and globally condemned execution by hanging, was formulated, motivated and finally applauded, by none other than the very nation he puts on a pedestal. Even hard-nosed and unwavering ally, the United Kingdom, eventually falters at the finish line, with lack of support and outright condemnation of the execution.

One could argue that the methods and courts presiding were Iraqi but that would be a weak challenge at best. At worst you'd be branded a simpleton.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Lets keep the death penalty. Lord know when we may need to use it to execute corrupt and brutal state officials for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

"how the United States is to be held up as the paragon of fairness and Justice."

Too funny.

After conducting an illegal war in Iraq based on deception and lies, "extraordinary rendition", "Guantanomo", "Abu Ghraib", "Haditha" etc ... why on earth would anyone look to the US for moral guidance on anything?

As for Saddam's massacre of the Kurds with mustard gas in the 80s, let's not forget which country supplied him with this nice weapon of mass destruction in the first place. Was there umbrage and outrage expressed by the US then? Of course not. Because back then he was THEIR tyrant. Now that he isn't, why let's mete out *justice*. Hypocrisy anyone?


Capt_Canuck said...

nice article on YawningBread, some additional information:

1) the chart showing the executions in Singapore reads at the end in brackets "(It is not clear, even in the Amnesty International website, what the square brackets indicate)". It does indicate what it is, at the very bottom of the article #18 reads "(18) Figures in square brackets indicate the number of foreign nationals executed, according to information disclosed by the Ministry of Home Affairs." http://web.amnesty.org/library/index/engasa360012004

2) it reads that "..Australian Van Tuong Nguyen who was executed for transiting in Singapore with marijauna." but it was really herion "A package of heroin from Cambodia was found strapped to his body." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Tuong_Nguyen

However, I feel that Soci might have read the article wrong, or perhaps was confused on the article. I didnt get the impression that the article called the USA a paragon of justice and that they are the best. The article starts out saying that the USA only has mentioned that they are stopping their form of execution in one form but are keeping the door open for other forms.

The article mentions other countries and their high and low area of capital punishment acceptance, but focuses on Singapore cause, lets face it, being Singapore has the highest execution rate per capita plus their secrecy behind the whole affair, does kind of open them for attack. Only in the world of Mental Minister Lee Cane You can the thought "dont talk about it and it isnt so" is secrecy a good thing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Still, that is not because of the death penalty, but because of the way it is used.

Get rid of the victimless crimes, and less people will be killed by the state.

As for murderers, fuck em', hanging is far too civilised and humane a punishment. I propose crucifixtion, stoning to death, beheading or a real, slow slice 'n dice — medieval style.

WRT corrupt state officials convicted for crimes against humanity — the executions should be conducted publically. Let the taxpayers get their money's worth!

soci said...

sorry capt. but soci didn't write the article - charles did.