16 Jan 2007

Australian faces drug charges in Singapore

ABC News Online
A 38-year-old South Australian man has been arrested on drug charges in Singapore.

Michael Karras was arrested last week and charged with possessing 495 grams of cannabis.

He faces at least five years' imprisonment and a minimum five strokes of the cane if convicted.

A death penalty is mandatory for anyone caught trafficking more than 500 grams.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says Karras is being assisted by consular officials.

The ABC understands the man has been living in Singapore for eight years.

The arrest of Karras comes more than a year after the highly publicised hanging of Australian Van Nguyen.

He was executed in December 2005 for trying to smuggle 400 grams of heroin via Singapore to Australia three years before.

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Anonymous said...

He obviously was aware of the penalty for the offence from the weight of cannabis he possessed (just 5 grams short of death penalty)....not to mention the recent Van Nguyen case.