13 Jan 2007

Livingstone Singapores His Heart Out

First spotted on Tomorrow.sg.
UK games mogul offers sage words to foreign developers.
by Rob Burman, IGN UK
UK, January 11, 2007 - Ian Livingstone, Eidos' supreme commander of worldwide product acquisitions, has criticised developers in Singapore. If you listen closely you can actually hear the shouts of indignation from across the country.

Speaking to Singapore's TODAYonline during the XMediaLab Conference and Asian Game Developers Summit 2006, Livingstone appealed to game creators to come up with fresher ideas to help them stand out in the competitive international videogame market.

Livingstone opined that Singapore lacked "the ability to think outside the box to create new intellectual property, new game-play and new characters". Then, just to add insult to injury, he bemoaned: "The tendency here [Singapore] is to make copies of previous games, rather than to think about what the world hasn't seen before or what new games haven't been done before. [There must be a] unique selling point that differentiates them [game developers] from everyone else."

On a brighter note Livingstone did offer some friendlier guidance, harking back to his early days in the games industry: "We didn't do it for the money. We did it because we believed in what we are doing. If you are driven by passion, even if you don't find success, you will find happiness."


Anonymous said...

Mate, you're so pathetic ! taking potshots from afar ! At least sammyboy forummers dare to criticize in their own country without fear !

Anonymous said...

Well, tell that to our millionaire ministers that they should not do it for the money and believe in what they are doing.

Since they are not, in essence, driven by passion they will not find happiness and thus the people govern by them naturally are unhappy with unpopular policies and regulations churn out by the millionaire ministers.

Anonymous said...

Sg ministers are just puppets installed by the famiLEE. Sg is a dictatorship.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, but not before they are VOTED IN by their constituencies who are pork-barrelled into believing that their leased (rented) HDBs will be "upgraded" on the proviso that the majority vote the incumbent back in.

We know who's the biggest slum-lord in the land.

However, many folks still want a welfare state. Are they fucking blind? And deaf and dumb too?

The WELFARE STATE is already there. The elections are won by a promise of welfare. And an election victory is a MANDATE for the state govt to strut its stuff

Man is indeed a Political Animal.

Through politics he has invented Kangaroo Courts, Pork Barrel Politics, Herds of Sacred Cows, Flocks of Sheeple, etc etc (please add to the list), all designed to create a mythical monstrous creature called The Leviathan — aka, The State, as Thomas Hobbes put it.

The only way to curb man's animal insticts is to create an all-powerful mystical and mythical creature capable of vanquishing any "beast" in the souls of man.

Religion tried to do this in early theocracies, with success but it wasn't sustainable. Inevitably "man strayed from God" and so a State was formed — the "new God" which today has billions of worshippers, from every culture, all over the planet.

The High Priests of this "new God", and His new Religion — Democracy — sit on their well-cushioned, heavily funded arses in a place situated in New York, New York called the United Nations, and presume to Pontificate from their Lofty Pulpits on what is good for you and me, through their own "Commandments" like the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is nothing but a recipe for a Welfare State.

Politicians, being an amoral, crafty and cunning people use these "Commandments" from the New God to seduce the voter into voting the sneaky, oleaginous "statesman" (or woman) into office. They promise jobs, free schools, free medical care, free upgrading, free this and free that free, free, free...only at the small cost of the people's FREEDOM.

Religion promises "salvation" and "freedom from suffering" to the true believers. Popular politics does exactly the same thing.

So next time you hear a career politician speak, you'll know he is full of shit.