22 Jan 2007

Student protesters call for Singapore apology, threaten boycott

Student protesters call for Singapore apology, threaten boycott
) - Student activists have urged the Singaporean government to apologise for what they called a breach of diplomatic etiquette which the island republic had allegedly committed by allowing Thailand's deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra to meet with its deputy prime minister on January 14.

About 100 students, led by the so-called Students Network for Democracy, the National Students Federation, the People's Assembly from 19 Northeastern provinces and the Anti-Corruption Network, demonstrated at the Singapore embassy on Bangkok's Sathorn Road, protesting and denouncing the alleged Singaporean mishandling of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Singapore.

The activists charged that the occasion last week in which Mr. Thaksin was interviewed by CNN International and the Wall Street Journal in Singapore had in fact jeopardised the ''delicate'' relations between the two countries.

They said that the Thai people would immediately stop buying Singaporean products and boycott the use of Singaporean services, should the island republic fail to apologise as demanded, according to the student activists.

Thailand withdrew an invitation to Singapore's Foreign Minister George Yeo, suspended an exchange programme of civil servants last week as a response to the city-state's hospitality towards ousted Thai leader.

Singapore defended the visit as a private meeting between old friends but Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thailand considered it very insensitive to Thailand's position.(TNA)-E008


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

It is wonderful to know that the Thai uni kids are being successfully manipulated by their tenured statist professors (the "intellectuals"), who themselves are the lap dogs and sycophants of those wielding political power.

Nothing really beats relinquishing one's individuality and surrendering in blind obedience to your teachers and their paymasters.

Demonstration, public assemblies, rallies etc are all supposedly BANNED in Thailand under the orders of the CNS (junta).

... but if the "demonstration" (fake!) serves the interests of the powers-that-be, I suppose its "ok" then.

Some people reckon that Sathorn Rd should be renamed "Singapore Road", as a lot of the real estate along it is owned by Singaporeans.

But leave it to these lefties and their Pied Pipers of egalitarianism" — the "intellectuals" — tenured professors living off the state... rest assured this noisy mob will ALWAYS BLAME THE BUYER.

"Thailand not for sale"? Hogwash. If it is offered, that means that it is for sale, and someone may eventually buy.

Anonymous said...

sos the headline is Ban Singapore.
Ok, as a Londoner working at Heathrow, I am able to watch those wonderful people from singapore pushy and shove as they attempt to go through customs. Luckily they get sharp shift. The police put singaporeans in their and the customs officer send the stupiud fuckers back to their little island if they do not toe the line.

singapore has few friends is any at all; lets look at the anti singapore countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, most Europe, Australia, New Zealand, what a pathetic record.
China tolerates them, but the people of the US hate them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hate. Anger.

Lot's of energy in hate and anger...

So get ready to do your thang... count it off... 1234

Get on up, Get on the Scene...

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, Singapore also held a well-publicised protest march - staged by the NTUC Union - against the US, though it is open knowledge that it is illegal to stage protests - there in Singapore.

The Union leaders obviously got off with this protest without being charged; or their careers affected.

The national papers (govt controlled and what do you expect ?)did not even chide the Union leaders....surprising when everyone knows that the law was broken by the Union leaders.

The ppl used to think whether the NTUC or some other appointed Singapore org would stage a protest against CHINA when it interferes more blantantly with our policies.

So, it is no difference elsewhere.
Double talk and double standards.