1 Feb 2007

Workers' Party Invites You to a Forum on the Penal code

E.D.: Received in my email inbox at 5:41 a.m. CST. Reposted with permission.

In Nov 2006, the government floated a draft Penal Code Amendment Bill (pdf) and called for public comment. The Penal Code reflects our rights and responsibilities living in Singapore. Despite the tremendous significance of the Penal Code in guiding the way Singaporeans order their daily lives, the government has given little explanation for the proposals so far.

In line with the Workers' Party's concern with justice and the rule of law since the Party's foundation in 1957, the Party will be holding a public forum on the topic: "Amendments to the Penal Code – Why We Should Be Concerned". The details are as follows:

Date: Sat Feb 3rd, 2007
Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
What will be covered:

The forum will cover some key concerns about the draft Bill such as the proposed changes to punishments and sentencing options, provisions regarding sexual crime and aspects omitted by the draft Bill. Views from the public are also sought so as to give comprehensive input for debate about crime issues and for decision-making.

The speakers at the Forum will be:

• Ms Sylvia Lim, Chairman, Workers' Party and Non-Constituency Member of Parliament. Ms Lim has law enforcement and criminal defence experience, and now teaches and writes about law and procedure.
• Mr Firuz Khan, Member, Workers' Party Youth Wing Executive Committee. Firuz graduated from the University of Birmingham with Masters of Business Administration in International Business. He has been working in several industries including the social service sector. During the course of his work he manages children, family and domestic violence cases.

Guest Speakers:

• Mr Thomas Koshy, a lawyer in private practice of 10 years' standing with experience in criminal litigation.
• Mr Anthony Yeo, a Consultant Therapist of Counselling and Care Centre with 35 years of experience in the field of psychological counselling including marital counselling. He is author of over 10 books on marriage, counselling and stress as well as being consultant to various government and non-government organizations.

Who should attend:

All citizens concerned about criminal justice and having a balanced approach towards law and order.
Those interested are requested to come early as we have limited places.

I will be looking forward to your presence at the forum. :)

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Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

soci, Please put up a link to the draft of the proposed amendments.

This one is particularly worrying:

> 17. Currently, a person who abets the commission of an offence in Singapore while he is outside Singapore cannot be tried for the offence of abetment. Given the ease of communications via the internet and mobile phones, it is proposed that we introduce a new s.108B to make clear that it is an offence for a person who while outside Singapore abets an offence which is committed in Singapore, even if any or all of the acts of abetment were done outside Singapore. <

That would make anyone outside Singapore who calls for Singaporean's to "break the law" (as in a recent post on your blog) a criminal.

> 23. A new offence of necrophilia will cover the abhorrent act of engaging in penetrative sexual acts with a corpse, and the scenario where a person is compelled by another person to perform necrophilia without his consent. <

Damn. All this time it was LEGAL, and I wasn't aware that it was! :)

> Penalties of new offences [...]

vi) New offence of necrophilia:

a) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5 years or fine or both; b) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years and shall be liable to fine or caning if a person forces another person to commit necrophilia. <

Stiff penalties, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Damn place too small for such a forum.

cliffy said...

this is a nice activity to let everyone know about laws being enacted by the politicians

lee hsien tau said...

Venue is too small for such a forum

Ghormax said...

The link to the PDF file is broken :(