13 Feb 2007

Singabloodypore Moves to Reporters Without Borders


As a result of the recent incident when the comment section of this site was hacked by persons unknown it is moving to a new address. The Singapore police have been informed but because of the nature of the alleged offence I am not sure the perpetrators will be caught.

I have also searched blogger to try to work out how someone could do this and how I can protect the site from future attacks. I have been unable to find such information and previous attempts at trying to contact blogger personnel have come to nothing. So on this occasion I am moving to a paid for service.

The current blogspot site will remain available for as long as blogger continues to host it. This is to enable me to archive old articles and comments in order to hyperlink to them. I have however disabled the comment facility.

The new site is now fully operational and although it lacks the 'logo' of the original it will continue to focus on Singapore and the articles, journalistic commentary that some out there love to hate.

For the next week I will post all articles on both sites but you will only be able to comment on the new site.

I hope that those of you who so kindly link here will update your links.