20 Feb 2007

THAILAND: Singapore asks for explanation over satellite row

From ABC

Thai's coup leader is involved in a row with Singapore over the sale of Thai satellites to a government-owned Singapore company. Singapore's foreign ministry has asked for a diplomatic explanation from the Thais.
Presenter - Karon Snowdon, Speaker - Robert Broadfoot, managing director, Political and Economic Risk Consultancy

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SNOWDON: The Head of the Thai army, coup leader and political king maker, General Sonthi wants to get Thailand's satellites back.

They're the assets of the Shin Corporation satellite subsidiary.

They were sold off last year to the Singapore government's investment company Temasek as part of a controversial multi-billion dollar sale by the Thaksin family.

General Sonthi says the satellites are national assets and should be returned to Thailand.

Managing Director of Hong Kong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Robert Broadfoot.

BROADFOOT: So that's why it's even more important because the comments are by the military which has put the government in place.
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