2 Feb 2007

"Tochi was crying right up to his last 5 minutes"

01 Feb 07 from Singapore Democratic Party
The funeral service for Amara Tochi was held today, a week after he was hanged by the Singapore Government. A simple Catholic Mass was held for him.

Tochi, a Nigeria was convicted for trafficking diamorphine in Singapore even though trial judge, Mr Kan Ting Chiu, found that "there was no direct evidence that he knew the capsules contained diamorphine."

Despite protesting his innocence and pleading for his life – he had told lawyer M Ravi who visited him in prison last year: "Please don't let these people kill me"- Tochi was hanged last Friday together with co-accused, Nelson Malachy.

The executions have caused an international outcry and focused on the mandatory sentence for drug peddlers in Singapore which legal experts say run afoul of international law.

To make matters worse, it was reported on German television that Malachy had testified that Tochi was never aware of carrying the drug. Malachy has taken all the blame and confirmed that Tochi had never been part of the plan but used only as an unsuspecting drug mule.

At the funeral today held at the Marymount Concent Chapel, the congregation was told that Tochi was crying during the last five minutes of his life. He asked the priest to pray over him.

At precisely 6 am, his life was cruelly snuffed out just as others of his age are just beginning to take shape.

The casket was closed except for a glass panel through which Tochi's face was visible. Towards the end of the half hour service, the congregation was asked to pay its last respects by viewing the casket.

A striped scarf adorned the boy's neck and a golf cap covered the top of his head. He looked much older than a 21-year-old.

At the burial site at Chua Chu Kang cemetery, Tochi's last rites were performed before his coffin was lowered into the ground. Next to his plot lay Nelson Malachy's. Malachy's funeral was held on the day of his execution.

It is a heart-wrenching thought that none of their family or friends were able to see the men when they were in Changi prison and sadder still that their remains are not sent back to those who love them.

Rest in peace, Tochi and Malachy.


Anonymous said...

Malachy's testimony only serve to confirm that there was no direct evidence that Tochi knew he was trafficking drugs as highlighted in section 42 of the judgment.

The judge passed down the sentencing based on the reasons given in the following sections. It is puzzling why Mr Ravi only quoted section 42 and did not provide the full text from section 42 to 48 so the readers can make an informed view on whether the judgment was reasonable. Now we have to wonder what else Mr Ravi is not telling the public.

Anonymous said...

Is this the ONUS of only Ravi -- or is this the ONUS of the rest of the law fraternity and others to 'tell (inform) the public', if we have ANY conscience ?

Why blame the FEW for not doing enough in wondering 'what ELSE he is not telling the public" ?

Why not blame the REST of us for doing NOTHING ?

REASON: It is obvious isn't it..as NO ONE else (except the FEW) would dare to discuss this,though many would in private...so as not to sacrifice themselves...with their lack of conscience.

My point is that -
Ravi should NOT be the ONLY person we should depend on. If anything, this should be complemented with other revelations (incl the comments by the judge) for a balanced and unbiased view.

I am surprised if we need to depend on Ravi to provide the full text.

It was noted in the press the Judge's remarks about the possibility of Tochi's UNawareness of the drugs in the first place.

Hence there was reasonable doubt to his guilt.

Anonymous said...

When someone want to tell you only part of the fact, you have to wonder.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder even harder when someone, in this case the 146th media and MHA, tells you nothing.

Anonymous said...

When someone tells you nothing, you know something is fishy. When someone tells you half truth, you know something is fishy only if you find out you are told half truth. Few people will want to someone who tell half truth, because they can end up like Tochi.

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Anonymous said...

I have translated several of your articles and posted them on foreign blogs.This story is one of the most shameful I have ever come across.