14 Aug 2006

Protest Diaries in Sydney - Rally To Stop the Bombing - Israel Out of Lebanon and Palestine

The Saturday rally on 12 August started at Sydney Town Hall which proceeded with a march to Hyde Park.

By the time it was 12, the crowd had swelled to at least a few hundreds (close to at least a thousand) to peacefully protest against the Israeli occupation in Lebanon and Palestine.

After a few speeches were given, the march started with a jubilant mood. The protestors were chanting simple yet powerful anti-war slogans such as “George Bush: Terrorists”, “ Free Free Lebanon; Free Free Palestine”, or “Israel, USA, How many kids have you killed today?” which helped to bolster the atmosphere of the crowd; as well as drawing the public’s attention.

By the time the protestors had marched to Hyde Park and gathered around the protest vehicle van, everyone was uplifted. At one point in time, certain groups of protestors were getting too rowdy that the MC had to ask all the protestors to sit on the green grass to allow the speakers to speak. More speeches continued, including a moving poem from a kid on his perspective on the war; as well as a mother who spoke about the war crimes committed against children in the war.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Isn't it great to be an immigrant in a free country, enjoy the benefits of social welfare, and take full advantage of the compassion of the Australian people?

Australia, like the US and its allies are defending the free world — to rid the planet of terrorist scum, and the best thing these "hyphenated-Australians" can do is criticise the great systems which willingly accomodated them, when they and/or their parents emigrated from terrible regimes.

Damn, there just ain't enough gratitude, is there?

Isn't is also wonderful to use the "free speech laws" in these free countries to slam the very countries that these "multicultural masses" have benefitted so much from?

Why don't they criticise the despots and terrorists of their former home-cuntries instead?

Australia and other "free countries" should look to bringing in legislation to strip thse ungrateful "aliens" of their citizenship,and send them back to their former basket-case totalitarian regimes.

Ungrateful motherfuckers!

sammy said...

1) I agree fully with you.

If these new immigrants (whatever race or colour) are not happy, they can take the next flight or boat or bus home.

After all they left their countries for greener pastures.I am sure that they did NOT intend to jump from the frying pan to the fire (THEIR ADOPTED COUNTRIES). In this case, they can get back to the frying pan (THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN.

This applies to ANY race.

We have seen even our OWN UNGRATEFUL and thankless Singaporeans who live overseas and condemn their adopted countries for the slightest problem without seeing the total picture WHY they were there in the first place.

I am quoting this, as my criticism applies to ANY UNGRATEFUL people (as Matilah_Singapura mentioned) and it should start by looking critically at ourselves too.

(none of these clowns can do what they are doing in their home countries. They don't even bother to write to the press and take part in important dialogues here, too!!

Why bochap (indifferent)HERE - as mentioned by someone - and NOT bochap in their adopted countries ?)

2) On the subject of UNGRATEFULNESS, my concern is also about the recent scholarships to thousands of foreign students (A*STAR) WITHOUT their needing to serve NATIONAL SERVICE (NS)(for males)at all and making our citizenship offer and guaranteed jobs to them on a platter - appear cheap.

At the same time, our LOCAL students will leave the countries in droves (due to lack of opportunity for them here and uncertain job market)to study AND will NOT come back. And we are not making enough effort to give more scholarships to our locals, if they are deserving, too.

Ultimately, we will have FEWER of the OLD and tested Singapore-born Singaporeans (of several generations) and MORE of the NEW Singaporeans - most of whom MAY NOT remain in Singapore anyway after completion of their bonds or after their children had grown up - to avoid NS. MANY countries allow due citizenship anyway.

Like SMU (Singapore Management Uni), perhaps the foreign students must spend a percentage of their working lives doing some community service during the tenure of their bond. Otherwise, they will NEVER integrate into our society (except within their office circles).

I am not sure whether they too will be an UNGRATEFUL LOT and leave our country after serving their bond of 5 - 6 years (as mentioned by a taxidriver during the Talkshow on FM 93.8 this morning).

teck soon said...

As for people wanting to leave Singapore as mentioned above, I think highly educated students in Singapore would be highly likely to leave after their bonds, given the politically repressive state, lower wages, and high cost of living relative to many other "1st world" countries. They will leave Singapore regardless of their origin. Instead of attracting people with taxpayer money in the form of scholarships, let's create a true civil society through changing some restrictive, unnecessary laws, and more Singaporeans would stay. That would be cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura said...
Why dont yuo take yer head outa yer ass for just one day !

Matilah_Singapura said...

To anon 3:09 -

I have a democratic right to have my head up my ass, just as => YOU <= have the same right to put your cock into your mother's anus — as long as she consents of course, which no doubt she will, given her reputation.

If you don't tell me how to live my life, I will afford you the same freedom. OK?

Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura said...

To anon 3:09 -
You Can im sult me all you like but to insult my long dead mother who was 1000 times the person you will ever be says so much more about you .