1 Aug 2006

Come see Singapore's justice system at work on 3 Aug

From Singapore Democratic Party
1 Aug 06

The defamation suit between Messrs Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong against Dr Chee Soon Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin will take place on 3 Aug 06, Thursday, at 10 am at the Supreme Court before Judge Woo Bih Li.

The Chees' lawyer, Mr M Ravi, will argue in the Originating Summons that the Chees have applied for that the summary judgement hearing should not proceed in the first place. This is because justice will not be served if the Defendants are not given a trial (see Mr Ravi's submissions). The Attorney-General Chambers will oppose the Summons.

The Lees are dead set against the matter going to trial as they want to avoid at all cost getting into the witness box and being cross-examined. Another reason why they don't want to go to trial is because the Chees have indicated that they would like to call witnesses such as:

1. Mr Goh Chok Tong (Senior Minister)
2. Mr Khaw Boon Wan (Minister for Health)
3. Mr Lim Hng Kiang (2nd Minister for Finance)
4. Mdm Ho Ching (Managing Director of Temasek Holdings and wife of PM Lee)
5. Mr Lee Suan Yew (brother of MM Lee)
6. Former NKF Board members
7. Head of the National Council of Social Services
8. Head of the Housing and Development Board
9. Head of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation

10. Mr Tang Liang Hong (sued by PAP leaders)
11. Mr Francis Seow (former solicitor-general and detained under the ISA)
12. Mr Tan Wah Piow (former University of Singapore student leader and jailed)
13. Ms Tang Fong Har (detained under ISA in the so-called Marxist conspiracy)
14. Mr Said Zahari (detained under the ISA for 17 years)
15. International experts/academics

The second argument against a summary judgement hearing is that the matter will take place in the judge's chambers away from public scrutiny. In any jurisdiction it is rare, if at all, that ordinary cases, let alone a case as high profile as this one involving the Prime Minister and Minister Mentor, are heard and decided in chambers.

The public must be allowed to hear first-hand what the arguments are on both sides and be able to see for itself if justice has been properly meted out.

Drew & Napier will represent the Lees for the summary judgement hearing which, if it proceeds, will take place after the Originating Summons hearing.

Queen's Counsel Mr Richard Gibbs from the Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada will be present to observe and record the proceedings.

So make your way down to the Supreme Court this Thursday and see if the matter will be conducted openly where the public can judge for itself the quality of justice administered in Singapore.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW This is great.

Whiter art thou, old school tie?

Judge: ex-ACS

Defendent numero uno: ex-ACS

10am huh. Better get there early...hope it is not held in camera, as rape cases often are :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a civil suits brought by the Lees against the chees. Why does the attorney general get involved with opposing the summons against the Chees? If anything, the job should be left to the plaintiff's lawyers.
What do we taxpapers have to pay for the case brought by the Lees?

Anonymous said...

don't you know sg is under the leeway empire?

lee hsien tau said...

Risking Death and Dismemberment: Court Date with Destiny

Summons to an accused person

Dated this 4th day of July, 2006 (funny it wasn't stuck on the door until more than 2 weeks later)

Case ID: SC-019929-06
Charge No: TC-007025-2006

Criminal Procedure Code (Cap 68) Section 158-160


You, KOH CHONG KIANG (NRIC No S1471858C), the leesee of Apartment Block 536 Upper Cross Street #11-245 Singapore 050536, are charged that you have failed to pay the outstanding conservancy and service charges for the months of December 2003 to September 2005 (actually, Dec 2003 to date) of $529.00 (actually, the number seemed to have gone up and down) due and owing to the Town Council of Jalan Besar within 14 days from the date of service on you of a written demand dated 10 March 2006 and that you have thereby committed an offence under Section 39(7) of the Town Councils Act (Cap 329A) and punishable under the said Section thereof.

You are hereby required to appear on the 3rd day of August, 2006 at 6.00pm in person before the Subordinate Court No. CT 26N at Singapore and you are hereby warned that if you shall, without just excuse, neglect or refuse to appear on the said date, a Warrant may be issued to compel your attendance.

1) There's only enough balance in my CPF to service the mortgage for 2 more months.
2) The utilities bill has been outstanding for more than 6 months.
3) Not taking into account other non-recoverable debt owing to Singtel, Starhub and M1.
4) Telling the MP Low Meng See in 3 visits but seeing his face only once, just before the election - so I was surprised to learn that somebody was privileged to sock MP Seng Hang Thong in the face - but not getting the message through, only to find him off the radar screen after the election.
5) Is it an offence to be poor and jobless?

At the time I'm due to appear in court, Dr Chee Soon Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin's application
to challenge the constitutionality of the summary judgment for the very simple reason that it does not allow for a trial to take place, the Courts scheduled the application to be heard not only on the same day but at the same time as the summary judgment - 3 August 2006 at 10 am, would be known.

Anonymous said...

Recalled: Read from one of the newspapers recently which Wong Kan Seng who stated that those who are unable to pay any outstanding conservancy charges are allowed to repay them by "performing some kind of work at HDB areas" in lieu of the outstanding bills owed by owners.

lee hsien tau said...

I once rented the balcony at Delta Avenue. One Friday, no electricity. I checked checked checked, found the box outside the flat tripped (owner had key to box). Next Friday, no water. Called the Town Council (Jalan Besar - Wong Kan Seng's). Contractor found the water locked out. In the middle of the night, high tide, went to toilet. Found the cistern had water. Tried the tap also got water. No way the landlady could pay the bill middle of the night. Even if she could, no way the water would be turned on middle of the night.

Wong Kan Seng open his mouth. I don't trust. Anyway, I'll know soon enough. Looks like I'm going to be roasted again. I'm competing with Dr Chee as to who goes in more often. Wonder how long in lieu of fine (maximum $1000 for the offence).

Anonymous said...

The whole Chee affair has sbecome one huge embarrasement to Singapore. the man is a trouble maker who has no place in our society. He has committed a number of offenses over thed years, and the time has come to imprison the man for a lengthy period.

If he cannot be imprisoned, authorities must now take away his passport, and force him to close down his web site.

We must also ban the european newspapers that have written about the fellow.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hi there anon 06:16,

My word, aren't we uptight today...

I can tell that you don't like the "messiness" of freedom, and prefer the "orderly nature" of authoritarianism.

Thankfully I am aware of people such as yourself and have for a couple of decades have had an additional passport (illefgal under Singapore law, but they can suck my dick) so I'm able fuck off from Singapore, an live elsewhere whenever it suited me.

If you want a more "orderly" society, take my advice and lobby the govt harder to clamp down on undersirable activities. If you cannot find any "undesirable activities" just make some up.

I hereby nominate you for National Day Honours. What a great "patriot" you are!

Anonymous said...

anon 06;16, you have done an injustice to Chee by implying that he be imprisoned for lengthly period.

What irks you that this man deserves such treatment. You really shame yourself for such remark.

soci said...

anon 06;16 it is the reaction of the Lee's to Dr Chee's activities that are regarded in democratic societies as normal and legitimate that embarrasses Singapore.

The constant use of defamation cases to silence critics rather than engaging in an open debate is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, an honourable man is one who earns his respects from others thru his own virtues and not thru force or legal suits to suppress others. believe only respects will leave one with good name even after one passes away.

teck soon said...

It would be quite funny to ban the European newspapers sympathetic to Dr. Chee, because it would have the dual effect of increasing the "embarassment" Singaporeans must endure when traveling in Europe, but would also shield Singaporeans at home from the words of the Europeans.

If Singaporeans are banned from seeing the embarassing words, do the embarassing words still exist?

What is really funny is how many Singaporeans talk about "banning" certain things. Actually, it is not the "thing" that is banned. It is the SINGAPOREAN himself who is BANNED from reading/chewing/viewing/thinking.

Matilah_Singapura said...

to teck soon:

"Thinking" hasn't been banned yet. And from a state's POV, there is no need to do so because many people allow themselves to be seduced by govt propaganda.

Unfortunately or fortunately — depending on your POV — there is no way to force a person to think or not to think (for themselves).

If you believe in freedom, then those "compliant and obedient" folks who have allowed the govt to influence their thoughts have the same rights to choose as those who "stubbornly" think for themselves.

The PAP — and they are not alone in this — are masters at using fear to "manipulate" many of the citizens. How many exactly is impossible to determine, but by observing the spontaneous order one can get an idea of how widespread this "manipulation" is.

Unless one is pumped full of drugs which alter the mental faculties, it is impossible to "manipulate" anyone. "Manipulation" requires permission from the person being manipulated.

Anonymous said...

anon 06:16, do U go by yr other pen names Ace Kindred Cheong,Jason Lee Boon Hong or Chua Lee Hoong?
Brain dead pappy bootlickers like U should post at the PAP Youth forum. Even there, people like U are now in the minority.

Anonymous said...

sisngaporeans are fragile little creatures. they must be protected from the foreign attacks on their beloved country. As long as singaporeans do not read the stories that are appearing in the foreign press I am quite happy.

after all in their eyes, singapore is now the hub of hubs.
so chee must be silenced.

Anonymous said...

"...singapore is now the hub of hubs"

yah, soon sg will also have the gambling hub, sex hub, execution hub which could led to hell hub, then it is a pitiful place.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 10:38 >>sisngaporeans are fragile little creatures. they must be protected from the foreign attacks on their beloved country. <<

No worries mate. I hammer the "blessed cuntry" whilst in the territory.

Afterall, as every good little Dharma chomping, Sytra chanting Buddhist knows: Change Comes From Within