24 Aug 2006

Debate and Forum to prevent execution of Amara Tochi

Sunday, 27 August
Asia Hotel, Scotts Rd
2.30 to 5.30 pm
organised by the

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Committee


*Lee Weng Choy
*Alex Au
*M Ravi
*Letchumi Murugesu
(mother of executed Shanmugam s/o Murugesu)

Video plea from
Amara Tochi's brother

World messages:

*Amnesty International
*World Coalition Against the Death Penalty
*Nigerian Civil Liberties Organisation
*Australian Council Against the Death Penalty
*UN Desk for Extra Judicial Killing


Tigerkiller said...

What did he do? transport drugs? for profit?

he deserves to die then

Anonymous said...

Is attendance by invitation only? Purchase your tickets at the door?


Anonymous said...

show up at the time and place.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You have not wronged anyone in particular. What you did was to violate a statute of the state. The particular statute relating to drugs carries with it a punishment far too excessive for the "crime". (Crime against who in particular?)

IMO, you definitely do not deserve to die.

Good luck Mr Tochi. I hope you live to see your grandchildren.