21 Aug 2005

Stuffy Singapore to Host Its 1st Sex Expo

Look at the words used to describe Singapore, 'staid','tightly-controlled', 'stuffy' are just a few. Do these words refer to the political situation or your right to buy an erotic toy? The idea that these images can be shaken off by turning to the lowest common denominator is just cheap.

So the idea is to change the image of Singapore from 'staid' to 'cheap'. Recent images of FOUR protesters and the over-reaction of the police sending in 40 police officers in riot gear cannot be erased from the international image of Singapore with the use of an erotic toy section. Allowing someone to buy a sex toy is not an indicator of the existence of democracy. A free market allowing someone to buy a sex swing is not freedom of expression, or freedom of assembly.

The argument that Singaporeans 'want censorship' is commonly mentioned but I have yet to see the empirical evidence that this is based on. In the article below it refers to "they are trying to loosen the shackles to cater to a generation exposed to overseas influences". Do Singaporeans become swingers on mass overseas or return to Singapore smuggling in case loads of erotic toys?

The argument that Singaporeans may not have wanted to be confronted by a large plastic phallus on the streets, is not somehow justification for denying freedom of speech, trade unions, allowing gerrymandering, maintaining lack of transparency, lack of openness and lack of accountability.

The staid image is an image of the political situation. Allowing an erotic toy will not somehow undermine that image. It will merely cheapen it.

By Associated Press

August 21, 2005, 6:04 AM EDT

SINGAPORE -- Staid Singapore will host its first-ever Sex Expo in November after receiving in-principle approval from the tightly-controlled city-state's authorities, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

The Singapore police have already imposed certain conditions for organizers -- no obscene acts can be put on display and all exhibits and promotions will face government scrutineers, the Straits Times newspaper reported.

Only patrons aged 21 or older will be admitted, the paper added.

The exhibition will feature furniture "designed to enhance lovemaking" and an erotic toy section, the paper said. An exhibition on the history of condoms is also scheduled for show.

Singapore, a tiny, wealthy Southeast Asian city-state of 4.2 million, has been attempting to shake off its well-known stuffy image, and officials say they are trying to loosen the shackles to cater to a generation exposed to overseas influences.

But restrictions abound: Cosmopolitan magazine can only be sold if wrapped to avoid browsing by minors, and programs like HBO's "Sex and the City" and "Six Feet Under" have been screened with cuts by the country's censors. Singapore also outlaws oral sex and homosexuality.

Officials say its citizens want censorship. Police could not immediately be contacted for comment


Anonymous said...

oops they are really going to have it and the police approving it. I think the sercurity to the expo is as tight as airport as they want to prevent those age 21 below to go in and also terrorist too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Singaporeans are stuffy. We're just not depraved. You don't want to be hit by images and shops of a sleazy nature everytime you step out of the house. There's a time and place for everything.

Sex Swing said...

I have visited Singapore and liked it. I'm glad to see them loosening up to the sexual revolution. Maybe we'll see the minister of commerce demonstrating a sex swing at the expo.