26 Aug 2005

Police to confiscate camera and tapes relating to 'Singapore Rebel'

From SingaporeRebel. The links will take you to the documentary in question.
This evening, I was again interviewed by the police regarding the making of my short video Singapore Rebel. The interview lasted about 3 hours and was conducted at the Cantonment Police Complex. The officer interviewing me was Assistant Superintendent Chan Peng Khuang. Again, the mood was relaxed until near the end of the interview when I felt many questions were totally irrelevant to the making of Singapore Rebel and I threatened to walk out. ASP Chan told me it is alright to refuse to answer questions which I deemed to be irrelevant. At the end of the interview came the cruncher that I was to surrender all tapes, courier invoices and even the video camera that were used for the filming of Singapore Rebel. I agreed to surrender them to him on Monday 29 August 2005.

Before the interview began, I asked ASP Chan : So I am here to answer further questions about the making of Singapore Rebel. Right?

ASP Chan : Yes

Here are a sample of some of the questions which totalled about 60.

When asked what inspired you to make this film, you claimed that political opposition in Singapore is marginalised. What do you mean by "marginalised?"

What in your opinion should the media do?

So you mean that the Singapore media is being unfair to political opposition?

You claimed that you took two and a half years to make the film. So is it normal for filmmakers to take such such a period to make a 26 minute film?

What sort of activities of Chee Soon Juan were you waiting that you think was worth shooting?

You mentioned that a friend of yours named Peter did the voiceover for the film? Is he contactable?

You mentioned that you edited the film on a friend's Macintosh laptop. Is he contactable?

How was the item (laptop) passed to you and how was it returned to him?

Did you save any of the footages in his computer?

Do you own a computer now?

There were some newspaper articles on your blog? How did you secure those articles?

In your film, there were footages of Chee Soon Juan making speeches at a election rally. Where did you secure the footage?

Did you duplicate the video before returning?

Why was the election rally audio muted?

When did you know that Singapore Rebel was classified a party political film?

I am informing you that Lesley Ho's (of Singapore International Film Festival) email dated March 2005 had mentioned that Philip (co-director of SIFF) was told that Singapore Rebel was objectionable pertaining to party political films. You were told that if you did not withdraw the film, the "full extent of the law" will apply. What do you have to say to that?

So you agree that at this stage when you read Lesley's email, you knew that Singapore Rebel was classified as a party political film?

Since you knew that the film "may have been" a party political film at that stage, why would you want to circulate the film to overseas film festivals?

Can you recall participating in any activities organised by any political party in Singapore?

(Somewhere at this point of the interview, I told ASP Chan that I would walk out if questions continue along this line).

Did Chee Soon Juan direct you to do the filming on May Day (arrests of 2002)?

On 19th July, 2005, Chee Soon Juan and some members was speaking at Speakers Corner? Were you there to film the event? Who directed you to film the event?

On August 11, 2005, were you present in front of CPF Building when Chee Soon Juan and other SDP members gathered for a protest?

Did you contact Chee Soon Juan after the video interview on Singapore Rebel?

Are you still in contact with Chee Soon Juan now?

I do not want to go to your house. Are you able to produce to the police the following items?

1) Two remaining copies of Singapore Rebel
2) Receipts from courier services of you mailing the film to New Zealand and USA (as mentioned in your earlier statement)
3) The Samsung mini-DV camera you used to make Singapore Rebel, and
4) Any raw footages of Singapore Rebel before the editing.

I ask : When are you going to return them to me?

ASP Chan : On completion of the case. Won't be too long.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way for us to view this movie, Singapore Rebel? Is anyone distributing it through Bittorent? why let the government censor our p2p activities too

Anonymous said...

This Martyn See has no right to make the film under Singapore Laws. He is a law breaker that will be severe punished for producing a party political film. He broke the Law and the police is after him....understand?!

Anonymous said...

Hey the National Day rally speech is also a party political film isn't? It shows a politician from a political party talking broken promises for hours. Why don't they arrest the people in mediacorp.

clyde said...

Guys, you can download the film directly (avi file, not bittorent) by clicking on the 'Singapore Rebel' links Steve provided in the above article (first paragraph). Watch in the name of democracy :)

I did find it a bit strange though that it took 2.5yrs to make a 26minute film. Then again, it was more or less a 1-man job...

Anonymous said...

sometimes art takes time.

akikonomu said...

"This Martyn See has no right to make the film under Singapore Laws."

Anonymous Retard, Singapore law prohibits the right of Martyn See to show the film in Singapore. He can shoot the film - it isn't against the law. He can send it to be shown overseas - again, that isn't against the law.

Anonymous said...

anonymous2, are you some kind of government dog? what breed?

Anonymous said...

from next report comment part
akikonomu 说...
Reuters is wrong. The fine for a breach in the Film Act is a fine of not less than S$10,000 and not more than S$40,000. In addition, the jail term is not up to two years, as Reuters claims. It is not exceeding 12 months.

11:49 PM

so the rest of the report is correct?

Fadereu said...

wow. film-makers should use this interview in their manifesto.

Anonymous said...

too many sensitive topics (race, religion, nepotism, politician salary, temasek, SPH, NKF, civil disobedience, homosexuality, white elephants, chinese chauvinism...), very hard to start discussion on anything; silence is deafening

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Steve Austin said...

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Anonymous said...

I doubt the accuracy on the report.

It's almost impossible for a person who was interviewed for 3hrs and still able to remember word for word what the Senior officer is talking.

Even if he/she rememebered, it shld be in his'her own words, no one can exactly remember the whole interviews.