4 Aug 2005

Open Letter to the Editors of Tomorrow.sg

Stumbled upon this while NOT looking at Expat@Large's pictures of pole dancers. Appears that La Idler has had enough. Enough of what is not clear but it appears that one person in particular has been the straw that broke the camels back. Does anyone know what the actual spat was about and does anyone care enough to let others know?

Dear Editors:

While it was fun working with you guys, I really think it is now no longer a possibility for me to work with you guys anymore. considering how certain things were run and how things have been handled, it has left me thinking how some of you are really impossible to work with (or rather, one of you).

Yes, I am raising the white flag, but I have seen the likes of you in life in times past and cannot be arsed to spend my precious time arguing with you over issues, trying to change you or work around you. I believe I am a person with a high tolerance level and only speak up when an issue needs to be highlighted. But I am sorry to say I cannot tolerate such persistent methods/behaviour/attitudes/whatever, because I have better things to do with my time.

All I can say is that I thought Tomorrow.sg was to be run democratically, but apparently for someone, democracy was just a load of bull for your dictatorship.

I wish you guys all the best and also wish Tomorrow.sg success. It was a pleasure to work with you (or at least, some of you).


La Idler a.k.a. fembot


La Idler said...

I'd say that this is still an issue being resolved, thus I shall not comment further. However, I can say in my personal capacity, it is related to a post concerning racist remarks against malays on the tomorrow site.

ironix said...

jseng is always right.
jseng is always right.
jseng is always right.
jseng is always right.

Thats about it.

huileng said...

thats not about it,

"jseng is always right."
--> so are the others.

it just turn out that he is a bigger arsehole... :)

Anonymous said...

Yea ... that referred racist blog and Jseng's puerile defence of it standing (free speech) all seems quite ridiculous now that they pulled this open letter from the site.

Free Speech ... my arse!

Agagooga said...

We never pulled it from the site, AFAIK, for the simple reason that it was never on the site in the first place.


soci said...

This open letter was never posted on Tomorrow.sg's Site it was posted on La Idlers site.

The link to the racist blog was however on the site, which I am now unable to find.

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