10 Aug 2005

Activists to stage NKF-CPF protest

Planning to hold a protest in Singapore is not the greatest idea. I actually find it rather worrying. Surely you need to get permission before, and I can't see it being given. I first saw this at Singapore Democratic Party website but who is organising this protest? Those attending will be facing an arrest I imagine. There will probably be more reporters and police officers than protesters.

10 Aug 05

A group of Singaporean activists will hold a protest outside the CPF Building in Robinson Road tomorrow, 11 August 2005, Thursday, at 12:30 pm.

A statement released by the group said that the protest is aimed at NKF, CPF, GIC, and HDB because of the non-transparent and non-accountable nature of the organisations.

“As news of the National Kidney Foundation subsides, questions regarding the reform of the organization and how its operations will be made transparent and accountable to the public remains unanswered,” the statement read.

But “as the NKF is reflective of the general system, the protest will also be targeted at the HDB, CPF and GIC.”

The protesters will be demanding transparency and accountability in these organizations as they are “owned by the public”.

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