15 Aug 2005

Silent Protest in Singapore Video

The details and links to the video were emailed to me anonymously, so I have no idea who produced the video or who uploaded it. It lasts for 14 minutes and is basically silent except for moments when Dr Chee is in frame. Other than that it documents what was a peaceful silent protest, until the police arrive.


Below are links to a 14 minute video of a silent protest staged by 4 Singaporean activists on August 11, 2005 outside the Central Provident Fund building on Robinson Road.

Download video here (low resolution 40MB)http://www.archive.org/download/LoResSilentProtest

Video link page here (low resolution 40MB)

Download video here (high resolution 107MB)

Video link page here (high resolution 107MB)

You will require a RealPlayer in your computer in order to play these files. If you do not have a RealPlayer, you can download it for free at

RealPlayer - 10.3MB here:

Or, RealPlayer - 9.56MB here:


mrdarren said...

Why are the police filming the members of the public in the vicinity? Is it a criminal offence to watch 4 people standing along the pavement?

soci said...

Yes I thought that was rather strange too. They seem to film all the journalists and photographers, as well as people just going about their business.

I don't think it's a criminal offence to watch a protest so long as you disperse when instructed to do so.

I guess it is a great example of people filming police officers filming protesters. Only really possible because of the availability of technology that used to be only available to the mass media.

bohemianlisa said...

Thanks for the link that you left on my comment.

I think it is common for police to film, especially in situation they consider a "riot" or public nuisance, as a reference or evidence if legal needs arise.

And to add to their archive collection so that Singapore's future generation can watch, perhaps?!

Jacob said...

Thanx for letting me know about the links steven. Cheers! :-))

mrdarren said...

this clip is scarier than The Maid, can you sense the climate of fear already? I salute the 4 Singaporeans who were brave enough to attempt this silent protest, but I think they could never have been prepared for the sight of 30 policemen and riot police staring down them. I hope this intended show of force by the police will not discourage future non-violent silent protests. I thought this silent protest was a brillant idea and a creative way of asserting our rights to freedom of speech. 4 friends cannot stand together in public with a meaningful message printed on their shirts? what nonsense! Incidents like these really make me question how much our government has opened up to criticism, no matter what they say about a more "open and inclusive" society....respecting input from all Singaporeans because "the future is ours to make"!

Thrasymachus said...

Are you a friend of Dr Chee? Just wondering, since you have so much links with the oppositions and network of people to feed you with information...how are you associated with the local politics in anyway?

soci said...

Hi thras,

I am not a member of ANY political party and in fact have a general distrust of almost every politician.

There is no network set up other than the network you are now using to ask me this question. The internet.

It's amazing, it allows people with similar interests all around the world to connect, interact, share ideas, articles, podcasts and sometimes movies.

I am not a paid up member of any organisation, I just believe in Freedom of Speech and I have a keen interest in Singapore after having lived there for 5 years. Value orientated motivation.

So thras, "I have shown you mine, why don't you show me yours?"

Thrasymachus said...

Hi Soci

Thanks for enlightening me on that issue. I'm not associated with the political parties as well, but I've got friends there. And I dun think LHL ever know me as a friend...haha....if you are wondering...

Like you, my interest is in the areas of Singapore Politics but maybe a slightly different genra from yours. I believe that some times, the government policies cannot be taken at face value but its long term and intangible worth. It is easy to criticize any government's policy or political party, but it is hard to realise how much effort and thought process behind each decision. I always believe that Singapore is special, Singaporeans are even more special. We have one of the best government (so said other countries) but maybe not the most free, but what do we want? Are we criticizing for the sake of "Democracy"? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe I'm wrong...

Btw, I'm just a 24 year old, with a network of friends that provides some insights on why some government policies is done is this manner. Thanks and Have a good weekend

soci said...

Thanks thes

I think we share one important value, the idea that people, Singaporeans, PAP members, non-members should be discussing, "the government policies". I feel however that a large part of the Sg population feel that their views are either not considered or considered after the decision is made. The casino for instance.

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