11 Aug 2005

Non Violent Civil Protest Thursday

From: UncleYap
Singapore Review
10 August 2005
Non Violent Civil Protest Thursday !!!!

This is a small a symbolic but very meaningful protest, to take place in front of CPF building next morning Thusday (11.Aug.2005) which I will also take part. There will be just less then 10 protesters.

I announce here NOT to ask the public to take part. Because we will conduct very specifically, with only the members who took part in entire planing and knows precisely what to do.

However, you may like to watch the event outside Robinson Road's CPF Board office, from a distance. This is a non-violence civil action. My concern is the famiLEE Regime will sabotage this by bringing in their own dogs to act as part of this civil action and cause public disorder to tannish our peaceful moto.

Thus I call supporters to stay calm, and cooperate with police there. And help us to use video / digital camera / handphone to capture mata or sabotagers who cause troubles there, and be public witness for the matter. Email the evidence to us in the event if you have some thing useful.

All protesters will wear a specific clothe, painted with unique words. And our team all know each other and have coordination. We consist of multiracial, male and female Singaporeans, who are expressing demands on:


Especially, but not just limited to national assets.

NKF scandal is a lession, that our national reserves; CPF; GIC investments & other huge public interests are at stakes in the hands of people alike TT Durai from NKF.

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clyde said...

Let me know when the sh*t hits the fan. Whip out the camera phones and don't forget to zip up your raincoat.