19 Jun 2006

Singapore PM defends island's democratic freedoms during New Zealand visit

Do we really have free speech? How can Mini Lee said it with a straight face? Why did the international journalists not refer to latest examples of the defamation suits that the Lees have filed against SDP? Moreover, democratic freedoms do not simply refer to just freedom of speech, but also freedom to peaceful assembly and freedom of the press... which obviously is banned in Singapore.

Singapore PM defends island's democratic freedoms during New Zealand visit
Monday June 19, 2006

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday argued that his tightly controlled island state enjoys political freedom, saying his government has no reason to restrict democratic rights.

Lee was asked by journalists about democratic freedoms in Singapore during his first-ever visit to New Zealand, where he held talks with Prime Minister Helen Clark Monday on trade, investment and other bilateral issues.

Clark said the issue of free speech had not been discussed at their meeting.

Lee told reporters Singapore's government had "no reason to want to restrict any democratic or political rights of opposition politicians or leaders'' and that free speech was allowed as long as speakers stayed within the law.

"You can make speeches, you can publish articles, you can put things up on the Internet, you can speak. We have a speakers' corner which is highly underutilized and contest elections,'' he said.

Lee's ruling People Action Party, which has won every general election held since Singapore became independent in 1965, maintains sharp limits on freedom of speech and assembly, and its leaders have sidelined some opposition figures with defamation suits that have rendered them bankrupt, making them ineligible for office.

Forty-seven opposition politicians contested May elections, but "the electorate rejected them,'' Lee said. - AP


Anonymous said...

ya, DEMOCRATIC...as if! Mr LEE & PARTY is doing all they can to be a ONE-PARTY STATE!


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Matilah_Singapura said...

Hello friend,

The one-party state has been chosen democratically by the people.

The people get the government they deserve!

And this is so true, especially in Singapore!

Inq said...

Of course the people have 'freedom of speech'.

They are at an intellectual state where such a freedom can be enjoyed to the utmost without their having the sense to enjoy them in any way significantly intelligent. In other words, the people do not feel that they are being suppressed because the PAP have, via a variety of methods, ensured that the people have nothing intelligent to suppress. Ahhh.....but tis hath been the chinese way for more than 2 millenia! Thank God for tradition eh!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have little deep intellect. They pass exams parrot fashion, collect their degrees but are unable to realise just why they have learned the subject. When they eventually find a job again they are stymied because they are unable to carry out the functions they have learned.