19 Jun 2006

The Four Million Frowns project

Let the overdue pardody begin:

I'm starting my own version entitled " Four Million Frowns"
Send us your frowning photos. Your angry photos.
Black and white, colour, individual or group portraits.
But make sure it's vertical for individuals and horizontal for group shots!
send them to me with your name too.

Call it a parody, a chance to show your displeasure.Whatever. But don't take it too seriously. Just have fun while you are at it

Continue reading at 4millionfrowns...

As of 17 June, the author has successfully collected 31 frowns.

As of today, the official Smiles 2006 project has an archive of approximately 4,524 smiles.

4millionfrowns aims to achieve at least 400 frowns. That's an ambitious 10% of the plastic smiles already under the government's belt! Go on. Submit yours. You know you want to...


Anonymous said...

'SMILE' You are on "Candid Camera"!!!??? so get the joke!YET?

Anonymous said...

both the smile and the frown campaigns are pathetic; a sad comment on how hard it is to have meaningful participation/discussion in this place

Matilah_Singapura said...

I posted as "anonymous" because LiveJ doesn't support blogspot ID's.

"What a mindless pursuit of "happiness" you folks have.

Don't you know it requires more effort to frown and scowl than it does to smile?

Where's your soul, man?

Anyway, thanks for the laugh–you guys look ridiculous!


By deliberately frowning you guys give the state and its apparatus a free kick. i.e. they've got to to react in a way that doesn't serve you. You guys are automatons ;-)

A scary thought is that you scowling folks vote. No wonder S'pore's likely to be F***ked up for decades to come, thus entertaining folks like my good self right into our dotage.

Darn it, call me "sadistic", but I think that's FUNNY!

Keep on rockin guys—send ripples of mirth through my colostomy bag! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fsorsget the false smiles and yawns. I say we asorganise the great Singapore Penis competition.

Come on gentlemen, queue up while we weigh and measure that little piece of skin you call a cock hanging between your puny legs.

Singapore is always keen to find its name in the Guiness book of records, this ideas would certainly command a place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
'SMILE' You are on "Candid Camera"!!!??? so get the joke!YET?

Well in after thought .......... was that a "GOTCHA"....... alamak too late lah

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Straight State Times published a rejoinder to you folks:


Listen to the responses. And smile :-)