24 Jun 2006

The Follow Up Jesus Pictures?

"Describing himself as a free thinker, he said he had posted a cartoon that depicted Jesus as a zombie biting a boy's head in January.

Char did not reply to the message but chose to irk the person instead. He searched the Internet for more pictures depicting Jesus and published three of them on his blog."
-- Zakir Hussein, ST, 14 June

Char, were these the pictures you posted? You know, the ones so blasphemous, dangerous, and riot-inducing that the ST decided not even to describe them, when they already gave a good description of the zombie cartoon...

A license plate from license-plate-world.com, from its insults collection, which includes gems like "If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic!" and "I took a pain pill... why are you still here?"

A photoshop of the Criterion Collection DVD box of the Last Temptation of Christ

Jesus found on paper. Seriously, after images of Christ have been found on cinnamon buns and subway water stains, this is...?


pat said...

That was a riot man! The Jesus loves you, everybody thinks you're an asshole sign is so common I can't believe people can be offended by it. No sense of humor up there huh.. Get a life for Christ's sake! (Pun unintended)

Agagooga said...

You forgot the zombie cartoon. You can see it and verify 2 of the other 3: http://gssq.blogspot.com/2006/06/so.html

ak said...

All those allegedly seditious images are old news.. If the nut who reported Char to the police really want to play religious Nazi, he could have googled out more cartoons like that.. So what he gonna do about that then? Report the Worldwide Web to the police?! It's not like those stuff were originally created by Char, all the guy ever did was to post them on his blog for humour's sake.. If anything, the only crime he commited is to be S'porean (ok, he may not had a choice in that).

Lucky, Steve, you're not S'porean.. Luck of the Irish huh?

Anonymous said...

If Char even so much as received a police warning, the religious fundamentalists and terrorists have won. Radicals, regardless of their religions, wear the same stripes..

i detest fundies said...

I think FundieP is going to hell. God said there's too much vengeance in his heart.

chr said...

yep, those were the three "follow up" pictures exactly. I'd leave the rest to comment. I'm really tired of this case, seriously, and I want it over and settled soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Soci and Char. Why stop here? Go ahead and post the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in your blogs too?

Will you? Will you? Freedom to offend and intolerant people should grow up remember? Make your point. Or are you chicken and only pick "safe" targets in that freedom to offend belief.

G said...

I don't get what's the big fuzz with cartoons. Let me give you a few:


I think people who say 'your freedom of expression can last as long as it does not offend others' is damn wrong.
Because anyone can be offended with anything. For instance from tomorrow my religion migh have some nonsense rule like the word 'out of bounds' is forbidden to pronounce, then I get offended every time when some people say that.

G said...

...are damn wrong of course.

W said...

The arguments used so far are not impressive as it is slanted to one viewpoint. Until the blog here publishes equal opportunity "offensive cartoons" such as the South Park cartoons used against all & against the fundamentalists of the "non-God front".
It justs shows certain parties have a certain philosophical axe to grind and just picks the " targets". So the claim of freedom of speech does not hold water thus far.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you show us the links to the South Park cartoons? Let's say a local blogger decides to publish the Jyllands-Posten cartoons on his blog but gives his location as America and then remain anonymous. I don't think a Muslim who is offended would report him to the police.. It's only when he finds out the blogger is S'porean would he do that.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are being investigated under the Sedition Act??! OMG that's bullshit. Does the ministry of home affairs (police) and the judiciary think so? I bet they are busy trying to get some Christian group or church pastor to comment now. Passing the buck so to speak.

First we have martyn see and the Film Act, now there is Char and the Sedition Act. Without a doubt the PAP govt has turned Singapore into Sillypore.

Anonymous said...

The nick "FundieP" sounds satanic. We should report him to the police, maybe he is belongs to some underground cult group. lol

Anyway, my view is that the police is trying to tighten rules on blogging. This is a reminiscene of Gomez incident, definitely making a mountain out of a molehill.

The poor kid is just trying to spite FundieP. But Fundiebut cleverly manipulated spore regulations on religion and used police as a tools to get back at him. Most imptly, the pictures are not produced by him but download from other websites.

W said...

To Anoynomous

The query remains the same, this website proclaims alternative & freedom of speech. Well & good.
Yet, there is of course a certain viewpoint/conviction held, so what occurs, there is of course picking of targets to show up the other end, yet when rebuttal is made, the points are not rebutted or made.
So until there is total equal opportunity bashing of all in the words use here "extremists of whatever of philosophical ilk" all these is just pure sophistry ie " perception of sophistication without content" opinions

Anonymous said...

to W

Pls use simple english. I am not, in any way impressed by your choice of words.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nobody has yet asked the question: "What would Jesus think?"

I think he would have laughed. No forgiveness necessary, because he was one dude who didn't have hang ups, altho he was eventually hung up like an oil painting.

oops. ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

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