5 Nov 2005

Wiki for Singapore Policy

There is a new wiki on the block, and its name is sg-policy.

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This wiki hopes to aggregate the diverse opinions of people who wish to offer policy proposals for Singapore, so that readers can compare and decide for themselves which policies they think would be best for Singapore's future.

All ideas are welcome, no matter how extreme or radical, as it is up to readers to decide for themselves which policies make the most sense. The only requirement is that hopefully all suggestions are made in good faith.It should be noted, however, that the primary intention of this site is not to be a platform for discussion.

Instead, it hopes to serve as a repository of policies that Singaporeans feel can be improved and some possible suggestions on how to enhance them. Any ensuing discussion should be carried out with the purpose of improving the information being presented on this site.

sg-policy » home

It is still in its infancy, so please do start going there and editing the wiki. Note, you do not have to be a member to edit it.

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