6 Nov 2005

Ensure PAP remains the party of choice to be in Government: Lim Boon Heng

Otherwise titled "Another propaganda article by the lame Singapore media". Good for a laugh over breakfast.
SINGAPORE : The Chairman of the People's Action Party, Mr Lim Boon Heng, has called on its members to ensure that PAP remains the party of choice to be in Government.

[Government = PAP. So what choice are you talking about?]

He said the PAP would soon be called again to win the mandate of the people, and all members must be ready to enter into the contest.

[What other choices do we have? It is walkover in practically all the constituencies]

Mr Lim was speaking at the Presentation of Party Awards at Kallang Theatre on Saturday.

The next general election has to be held by June 2007.

At the award ceremony, Mr Lim also commended several staunch PAP members.One of them was former Political Secretary for Home Affairs Ministry and MP for Hong Kah GRC, the late Harun Ghani, who had worked tirelessly to tackle drug problems in Singapore.

Mr Lim said: "Our Party has had dedicated Members of Parliament who have worked hard on the ground, keeping in touch with the concerns of the people, reflecting their views both in Parliament and outside Parliament, and solving their problems.

"Our MPs are a crucial link between the people and the Ministers. Their feedback ensures that Government correctly feels the pulse of the nation and devise the right policies."

[Helping Ah Ming solve his problem of bird crap on his windows does not equate to actually knowing people's real concerns]

Mr Lim also cited two other factors that have kept the PAP in government for 45 years.He said the Party was founded by able people who have built a system of leadership succession.And Party members have supported the MPs and worked with grassroots organisations to identify and solve issues of concern to Singaporeans. - CNA/de

[I do wonder if Mr Lim is getting scared, given all the recent happenings related to government and freedom of speech. Don't worry, hor, you guys will win anyway, given the opposition parties aren't even allowed to get enough money to back its candidates]


I think he left out two crucial factors as to why PAP is so dominant successful. Rife censorship of all alternate views, and ruthless suppression of opposition parties in any way possible. Did I mention that we only have to gain 27 more points to beat North Korea in its fantastic perfect score of 167/167? Come on, Singapore, we are a nation of test-takers, aren't we? Let's beat North Korea!

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Think Singaporean said...

A Chinese proverb says: "when the top isn't straight, the bottom will be crooked."

Think Singaporean said...

i believe you people knew abt old lee being invited to give economic advice to russia. two days ago, old lee appeared on tv and he said that "he couldn't actually be able to provide any advices because whatever method that he used in the past may not be applicable in this present society. otherwise, he'd opened an consultancy firm and would charged a fee to Amnesty Int'l, world bank, etc and earn millions of dollars."