15 Nov 2005

Singapore's New Generation

Singapore's New Generation

New generation
So tech-savvy and smart, yet so apathetic and dependent, an obstacle to building the future. By Seah Chiang Nee.
Nov 14, 2005

THE Singapore teenager can send messages via SMS with lightning speed, solve a Math problem faster than kids in most other countries - but is helpless without his maid.

He (or she) is well educated, computer and gadget savvy, travels more widely than his peers in other countries, but is naive about Internet predators or corruption or real poverty.

This MTV generation is also self-centred, materialistic, and probably knows the price of everything but the value of none, having grown up in an era of stability.

That means he will probably think nothing about spending S$4 on a latte, while his father, who supports him, spends only 70 cents on his teh tarik at the corner coffee shop.

The Singapore kid may know the name of the latest Japanese pop star but not his own Member of Parliament.

These instant-noodle children will likely change their mobile phone every two years or celebrate their high school graduation ceremony in a five-star hotel.

If the teenager here can be put in a stereotype box, these few paragraphs could best help do it.

In these youths, grandchildren of Singapore's baby-boomers, lie the country's future.

In the eyes of respected former civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow, the new generation has another flaw. "Many lack 'cultural DNA' due to educational neglect to teach history and literature," he said.

As a result, they're becoming too Westernised. "Without a sense of history, we will become a people lost in limbo."

Youths here are frequently placed under the social microscope in numerous studies to see what is wrong and how they can be improved.

Every society worries about whether its youths have the capabilities to build a better future. In the case of Singapore with no natural resources, the dependency on its youths is even greater.

The leaders and older citizens often fret that they may not have what it takes to achieve it.

After 40 years of independence, Singapore has raised youngsters who have powerful strengths and fundamental weaknesses.

In a New World in which countries compete on ideas as much as skills, Singaporean youths have a major shortcoming.

Some 40,000 youths were emerging annually from a school system that - until very recently - was based on grades, hard work and rote learning, rather than initiative and inventiveness.

The result is a workforce good in data knowledge but not very suitable for an economy that competes on entrepreneurship and ideas.

For years youths have shared a single objective: To acquire a degree that offers them the best job prospect, preferably a high-paying one in the government.

Singapore's brand of pragmatism doesn't always serve its people well. No want wants to venture out into the risky world of business when they can nestle securely in a secure job.

That puts them behind rivals like Hong Kong and Taiwan where becoming their own bosses is an ambition of many youths.

During the industrial era, Singapore prospered by producing obedient students and obedient workers.

Today, in the skills services that Singapore wants to develop, these qualities are far less crucial.

But the institutions are still producing risk-averse youths who shun taking the initiative.

Chief operating officers of foreign companies often complain that Singaporeans may have good grades but lack in enterprise and ideas. "They need hand-holding" is a frequent complaint, many content to wait for instructions rather than "make things happen".

A decade ago, the education system was intensively restructured from primary school to university in a rush to produce a new thinking and diverse workforce.

The schools have begun offering non-academic courses that range from music to the performing arts, from languages to sports. Many of them grade students for practical projects.

The polytechnics have also increased new studies to meet the changing economy, the latest being casino operations.

One weakness is harder to correct. Despite national service, the new generation is politically apathetic and has little interest in current affairs.

Critics attribute it to a top-down environment under an authoritarian government that controls many aspects of life. It's tough to get people to speak up or become creative.

A trait that doesn't augur well for a stronger future, youths today still prefer to leave things to the authorities for fear of invoking punishment if they make a mistake.

Singapore's youths are indeed self-centred, materialistic and risk-averse. But they are the products of the ruling party's social engineering process.

For many years, Singaporeans have been indoctrinated with the idea that good life is the copious consumption of goods and services and that education is the means to good life. This narrow-minded view of education has caused Singaporeans to learn almost nothing in school except to pass exams.

Our education system has also never encouraged creative and independent thinking. It produces only obedient and subsmissive subjects of state, like worker ants. Though non-thinking, worker ants are desirable to the ruling party because they are efficient and would never think of subverting the control of the state.


pleinelune said...

locky2ky, I couldn't agree more with you. As a student myself, I can TELL you the exam-centred system in Singapore does nothing but stifle creativity and independent thinking. Thinking Student, Learning Nation indeed.

Mr Wang Says So said...

Wahahaaa! Sorry, but there are so many things about this article that I find funny. Here's one:

"Despite national service, the new generation is politically apathetic and has little interest in current affairs."

Goodness me. If this was a "fill-in-the-blanks" question, ie

"________________ national service, the new generation is politically apathetic and has little interest in current affairs."

... I swear I would've written the words "As a result of" instead.

Somebody please tell me - is there ANYTHING in national service, whether for the "new generation" of male citizens or older generations who have done NS, which might conceivably be viewed as encouraging any kind of political activism or any interest in current affairs?

Anonymous said...

As xenoboysg says there are lots of cover citizens around. Strong in book knowledge weak in street knwoledge, like the show Apprentice, book smarts and street smarts.

soci said...

Thanks MrW, you have made me laugh out loud... In Singapore it would be a "fill-in-the-blanks" question.

I think the author meant to say 'patriotism' or 'nationalism', but 'current affairs', wrong choice.

Jim Knopf said...

I agree with your analysis. However, I don't think it's a problem of becoming to westernised. You can adapt a globalised lifestyle and at the same time remain conscious about the history of your country's politics, its culture and history...

spawn said...

Can i state that, it is a twin process(internal and external) that creates the social being?

All of us, (well i suppose if you are singaporean), are educated within this system, but not all of us are docile and subservient, unthinking drones of a corrupt morass of beauracracy.

Is it really only the government's fault that we are politically apathetic? Why have so many dictatorships been unable to foster this same sense of apathy?

Thanks for the time.

Beach-yi said...

What's so good about becoming more asianised anyway.

Being more tribal? Extending goodwill to only ties of kinship only? Tut tut on anyone who is more vocal? Deriding others who stands a little taller? Likes eating exotic species that are in danger of becomng over hunted and go extinct in the process? The list grows.

spawn said...


I think you have created a false dichotomy, being asian/western.

We each have multiple identities, and indeed being an asian (for me at least) is one of them. However the asian within me is different from the asian within you, and for the matter anyone else.

We are as guilty as anyone else of pandering this "Asian identity" to the strawman as has the singapore government. Let us not do that?

(I for one hate sea cucumber and can't stand the sight of monkey's brain. Though I do go for a bit of frog leg's here and there.)

Misanthrope said...

I don't believe in the Asian/Western dichotomy either (at least in the conventional implication of West= heartless materialism, East=erm... family values and warm fuzzy things?), and find it exceedingly annoying whenever people say that 'X is becoming too Westernised'. It is especially ironic to throw in that phrase in an article that argues that Singaporeans are less creative than foreigners.

Charles said...

As much as I don't understand what Asian Vales are, I'm not sure what people meant by being too "westernised".

As for the issue of politically apathetic youths, I believe there has to be plenty of reasons to account for the phenonmenon instead of one single factor (and which may be different for individuals)

We can only hope that these youths will wake up one day and recognize that there is a need to be more politically active... Of course, such a reawakening will probably need the committment of activists and youth leaders to make it happen...

spawn said...

I hate the word politically active. I prefer the word societally active.
Politics with its partisan connotations is a rather dirty word to me. Of course that is my personal opinion so there.


Beach-yi said...

Spwan, no worries, just trying to spice up things a little since many people like to use sweeping generalisations like "Oh young people nowadays are too westernised, they lost all their asian values...".


Anonymous said...

An authoritarian garmen is happy to have such "products". Truly sad.

Mr Wang Says So said...

I work in a highly international organisation where I frequently interact with colleagues all over the world - Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Indians, the English, Thais, Frenchmen - amongst others.

I don't worry too much about the capabilities of Singaporeans. You can look at Singaporeans and draw a few generalisations about their weaknesses, just as the article did -

then again you could just as well pick ANY other nationality and draw a few equally valid (or invalid) generalisations about their weaknesses:

eg "The Australians are lazy"

"The PRC Chinese are particularly bad at interacting with other races"

"The Americans talk too much but don't actually do much work"

"The Koreans are rude and they don't really know how to analyse and think through a problem"

"The English drink too much and have hangovers too often."

"The Japanese are obsessed with rules of hierarchy and that really slows them down in decision-making. No one takes any initiative at all."

Et cetera. Every nationality has its characteristics, its "weaknesses", if you like. I don't think that the Singaporean weaknesses are particularly or especially terrible, compared to those of other nationalities.

In fact, compared to other nationalities, I think many Singaporeans have characteristics which are excellent but which are far too often taken for granted by Singaporeans themselves. I'd say that we are generally hardworking; honest; organised; pragmatic ......

Elia Diodati said...

This article is missing its alter ego:

"Singapore's Old Generation: So mature and so hardworking, yet so inflexible and critical, an obstacle to building the future." By Elia Diodati

THE Singapore adult can lim kopi with the best Seattle has to offer, and is miles more efficient than workers in Europe - but according to Durex, ranks next to dead last in sex frequency in the world.

He (or she) came from humble backgrounds, travels more frequently than his peers in other countries, but is naive about the workings of the external world outside its boundaries.

This older generation is also close-minded, superficial, and probably knows the size of his paycheck but nothing about where it comes from, having worked in an era of unquestioned stability.

That means he will probably think twice about spending 60 cents for the Straits Times, while his son, for whom he has purchased Internet access, thinks nothing about reading about local news and views on local blogs in cyberspace.

The Singapore working adult may know his own Member of Parliament but most likely didn't vote for one in the past three decades.

These kopi tiam uncles will likely take pride in wearing the same pair of sandals for two decades or celebrate their wedding anniversary with a cursory glance over the newspaper, if at all.

If the working adult here can be put in a stereotype box, these few paragraphs could best help do it.

Elia Diodati said...

Whatever a "stereotype box" may be, that is.

Mr Wang Says So said...

Whahahaaa! Nice one, Elia.

Anonymous said...

The older generations are more docile but easy to be controlled. However, this population is dwindling. And the present authoritarian approach should also change too.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say, for all you know, the "hitler youth" might need a more authoritative style instead!

spawn said...


Are u trying to fight fire with fire?
Personally I feel such a method does not work though as it only paints the seconder in worse light. Then again I might be too serious.

spawn said...

personally i would have countered something like this

"THE Singapore teenager can send messages via SMS with lightning speed, solve a Math problem faster than kids in most other countries - but is helpless without his maid."

I was a kid with a maid, a teen without. I know many teenagers without maids. And yes we are helpless behind the tarring wide brush of Mr Seah's brush

"He (or she) is well educated, computer and gadget savvy, travels more widely than his peers in other countries, but is naive about Internet predators or corruption or real poverty."

Ny opinion is that True corruption is corruption of the mind, True poverty is poverty of the spirit. What I understand is that everyone is bound to have a differing and separate opinion of what constitutes poverty and corruption. IF i was to call another person naive, I would of course have to bear the full consequence of questioning another person's ability to think. You will not have to Mr Seah as I will not question your naivete.

"This MTV generation is also self-centred, materialistic, and probably knows the price of everything but the value of none, having grown up in an era of stability."

Oh what a beautiful verse, empty of everything and yet full of nothing. So what you advocate as the only solution is a turbulent era or strife and conflict, so that the youth of today can learn the value of a tapioca root?

"That means he will probably think nothing about spending S$4 on a latte, while his father, who supports him, spends only 70 cents on his teh tarik at the corner coffee shop."

I spend $5.50 on a rhumba frap tall. I personally don't drink lattes. My father on the other hand just went on a whim and bought a $4000 LCD TV. Are you going to congratulate me on the collection of my families' 5th TV?

"The Singapore kid may know the name of the latest Japanese pop star but not his own Member of Parliament."

I am glad you used 2 terms to discomfit. Kid and may. No longer the teen, but the kid. No longer the capitalized wide paintbrush but the smaller no 1 paintbrush on a different painting altogether.
Firstly, how does one judge trivialities? The name of the "latest" pop idol from Japan or whereever, may turn out in 20 years to become the next cultural and political icons of said country. Said MP will fade into nothingness come 2 decades. And who will be judged ignorant then?
Secondly, in my sense i am quite ignorant though, cause the only J-pop idols I can recollect are Ayumi Hamasaki and L'arc-en-Ciel.

"These instant-noodle children will likely change their mobile phone every two years or celebrate their high school graduation ceremony in a five-star hotel."

I don't understand that statement. Change mobile phone every two years? We can get a new one free every two year with the suscription of the plan. (21 months). Wouldn't you be unwise to not change it then? Unless of course the wish is not to be not connected to the new evolving world.
Actually what you said here is quite neutral, nothing jarring or inquisatorial, although patently false in many cases.

"If the teenager here can be put in a stereotype box, these few paragraphs could best help do it."

Isn't it a good thing that we can't be steorotyped? Time to reframe diversity, Mr Seah, it is the latest organizational fad!

"In these youths, grandchildren of Singapore's baby-boomers, lie the country's future.

In the eyes of respected former civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow, the new generation has another flaw. "Many lack 'cultural DNA' due to educational neglect to teach history and literature," he said.

As a result, they're becoming too Westernised. "Without a sense of history, we will become a people lost in limbo.""

Note the "become to westernized" is dichotomous and not in line with an evolving world that is closing gaps between cultures. Cultures can retain their distinct identities without rejecting another. the foundation of U.S.America was by puritans, thus i can conclude that these so called "western values" are one's of thrift, conservativeness, respect, preserverance. We should all by Mr Seah's advice turn away from such values.
Again I state, there are no such things as a superior Asian value system that surpasses a Western Values system. It is a false dichotomy paraded to pander to the needs of a culled populace and smacks of racism.

Anyway, I spent 2 years studying history in secondary, and all i remember are Asian History classes and a modern europe class (since modern europe was the 2 World Wars, and clearly defined the spheres of influence that we find today.)

"Youths here are frequently placed under the social microscope in numerous studies to see what is wrong and how they can be improved.

Every society worries about whether its youths have the capabilities to build a better future. In the case of Singapore with no natural resources, the dependency on its youths is even greater.

The leaders and older citizens often fret that they may not have what it takes to achieve it.

After 40 years of independence, Singapore has raised youngsters who have powerful strengths and fundamental weaknesses.

In a New World in which countries compete on ideas as much as skills, Singaporean youths have a major shortcoming."

You know, Plato had the same arguments as you what 3000 years ago? It sure takes a long time for civilization to fall doesn't it?
What the hell is wrong with youth? How come they take so long to cause armaggedon. BooHoo, at the very least the Elvis/Beatles pandemic should have shattered their will and caused nuclear apocalypse.

~The rest implies and rest blames totally on the government in how today's youth develop~

The real problem for singaporeans (and I may be guilty of steorotyping here) is that we are unable to see any faults that are nearer than the tip of our nose.

A tad too argumentative, but it was fun venting that out.

Beach-yi said...

Where'd that writer get his/her education from man..tsk.

Here's a link to a New Paper article I found interesting, being on the topic of young Singaporeans. It's about some photo in a Geography exam that did not depict the coniferous forest that was asked in the question set. What I found interesting was the various types of responses the young students gave.

Enjoy: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/learning/story/0,4136,97444,00.html?

Anonymous said...

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The guy who bought my truck was Rod Forotan. He gave me a ride to my apartment and I unloaded my belonging from the truck. I contacted my manager the next week at AMD which is Andrew Haskins and let him know I still was not able to work. I was contacted by Volt the recruiting company and was told to turn in my AMD security badge at Volt office. Then on Wednesday September 1st I was supposed to have lunch with my manager Andrew Haskins at AMD and pick up my programming manuals and books. I arrived there at around 12:15 pm and he allowed me to pick up my books and belongings from my cubicle but we did not have lunch. The Austin Police Dept. evenly assigned a detective from the East side Precinct. They told me there is nothing they can do that I have to get my own blood test done but I was almost broke financially and I had not forgotten the injection in Tulsa Oklahoma. The detective did not want to hear anything about what had happened in Oklahoma or Florida.
I contacted the Texas Attorney General Office and e-mailed Greg Abbott on Sept. 15th 2004. I followed up with several phone calls on the 16th and 17th of Sept. Pat Davis spoke to me on the 17th and said she would look into this.
I received a call from Pat Davis with the Texas Attorney Generals Office on Sept. 20th 2004 and she told me there was nothing she could do and mentioned something about me having a disability issue. I did not like her saying that because I told her I have psychologist who are giving me a clean bill of health from Florida and Oklahoma. She said they can't do anything about the police who won't do anything. After losing my truck I was left with riding my bicycle around town. On November 2nd I rode my bicycle to a precinct to vote. After voting I was riding my bicycle home down a very steep hill when my hat started to blow off my head. I grabbed my hat with my right hand which left my left hand on the front brake. I was flying down the steep road and hit my front brake. The next thing I knew I was being hurtled through the air. When I became concise there were some people helping me off the road and the traffic was backed up. I had a cut on the left side of my head and was torn up with cut and scrapes pretty bad. A nice guy gave me a ride back to my apartment. For the first few weeks I was numb. Then over the next several months I had pain in my left shoulder and both of my ankles. In the first weeks of November I lost my apartment because I was broke financially. I stayed with my sister Fran Boyle for a few days here and there in her apartment and I was on the street homeless. My dog which was a Blue Tick Heller was stolen while I was trying to survive on the streets. Her name was Wet Paws and she was given to me as a pup from one of my old friends in Oklahoma. I sleep in a tent most nights near my sister’s apartment behind the storage complex where my belonging’s were stored. I even had to sleep under a tree one cold rainy night with a homeless person near downtown Austin. It was hard getting around on foot because my ankles were injured.
I landed a contract job in Wilkesboro NC with Carolina IT Professionals for the Lowes(CSC) client on February 14, 2005. My brother sold me an old car and let me pay him later so I could get there. While working there they turned on there head cooker and caused me pain and swelling in the right side of my head for several days to a week. This kept me up at night. They messed with my head bad by constantly accusing me of things I did not do and by talking about petty things I did as a child and they would keep repeating them over and over. One day I asked one of the business women if she would have lunch with me some time and she said she would. The next week I asked her if she had time for lunch and she told me she was too busy this week. There were some other business people around at this time. Later that week I received a call from Carolina IT Professionals and my recruiter said he was contacted by someone at Lowes and that I was being accused of sexually harassing a girl there and that I was trying to get her to go out on a date with me. This was a lie. My contract was ended early because the manager said I did not make my deadline on troubleshooting some of their production problems. I purchased a 1995 Ford Explorer 4 WD for $4000.00 dollars with most of the money I had.
In the first of June I went to Saint Petersburg Florida to visit my son’s. I stayed there for a little over a month. In Florida on June 30, 2005 one day before my interview with Autozone in Memphis Tn. the head cooker was turned on again. I could not sleep all night long. I ended up missing my plane for the interview and had to rescheduled my flight. Then on July 6, 2005 they turned it on again for just a little while. I then traveled to Spring Texas and I was slipped a mickey at a Mexican restaurant while having lunch with my friend Tris from Rode Island who I had met back in November of 2003. The lunch was around 12:00 pm. It was the same mickey I was slipped in Austin. I knew this because I began vomiting at around 9:00 pm that night. When I first got into Boulder Colorado I went to the Chancellors office at the University of Colorado. I spoke to Joey White a woman who I had spoken to last year. I informed her that I wanted to make an appointment to talk to the Chancellor and provide him with a document on what I had been put through by the Government. She told me to sit down and wait for a few minutes. A few minutes later the CU Police came up to the Chancellors office and gave me a citation baring me from the Chancellors office for one year. I tried to get an Attorney’s office to help me out in Boulder and Denver area but none of them want to get involved with this. The Government people with this equipment constantly talk on this wireless network and tell me to do stupid things and mess with my head. Also the head cooker has been turned on several times while I have been here. I currently live in Boulder Colorado and drive a 1993 Dodge Intrepid and I do not plan to leave anytime soon.
If you can help me with this it would be great.
**Note**: Please understand that people with this technology can mess with peoples lives because they know everything I am thinking and trying to do. So they can counter my actions using the government people.

Contact info. For Roy Dean Barbour
Work: CompUSA in Boulder (303)998-1108
Phone Number of Second Cousin Darla Allard: (303)933-2632
Alternate: My son’s Joseph and Joshua Barbour: (727)894-7224

Anonymous said...

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