20 Nov 2005

Call for action on hanging

Call for action on hanging
From: The Sunday Telegraph

Support ... Friends place hands from their reach out campaign in front of the State Library in Melbourne / David Crosling

AN international campaign to abolish Singapore's mandatory death penalty would gain momentum with the execution of Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van, his lawyer, Lex Lasry, QC, said yesterday.

Speaking from Singapore, where he will be visiting Nguyen later today, Mr Lasry, a Melbourne barrister, said there was little hope his sentence would be repealed.
Mr Lasry said, however, the fight to save Nguyen would continue.

He said yesterday's visit was probably the most difficult of his career.

Nguyen's execution has been set for December 2.

His mother, Kim, and twin brother, Khoa, will fly to Singapore to visit him in Changi prison this week.

It will be the first time Nguyen has seen his brother since he was caught with 396 grams of heroin strapped to his body and in his hand luggage at Changi airport in 2002.

He told the court he was trafficking heroin to pay legal fees incurred by Khoa.

An international campaign to abolish Singapore's mandatory death penalty for possession or trafficking of more than 15 grams of heroin had just begun, Mr Lasry said.

"Even if our client is executed, as he probably will be, the campaign against Singapore's mandatory death sentence will continue," he said.

"I've been on this case for three years now, and I'm of the view that it's a fight we have to continue."


Ittay said...

I am appalled that a western civilized country like Singapore can still believe that it has the right to take a human life. I will be avoiding using Optus, Tru energy and Singapore airlines until Singapore abolishes the death penalty.

Ownfate said...

I think it is perfectly right for people to make a stand, and if boycotting Singapore-owned businesses is one such stand, then the point is well made. Two things though: Singapore would be very loathe to describe itself as a "western civilized country", even though it has the trappings of a western consumerist culture; and, second, the death penalty is also evident in that bastion of western civilization -- the United States (where studies have consistently shown that non-Anglo Saxons have a disproportionate presence on deathrow). Somehow though I can't see Australians boycotting anything American-owned. The nationalism, it seems, is evident on both sides -- Singapore and Australia -- though only one side is trying to package it as an issue of inhumanity and injustice.

Indiana said...

WTF !!! Nobody held a gun to his head, he flew of his own volition through Singapore with drugs. If he doesn't deserve to be hung for that he at least deserves to be hung for being stupid. Just like the Bali 9 and Schapelle how stupid can you be to take drugs into/through/out of a country that advertises it's policy on drugs is death.

What did he really believe he was special?

If you don't like the laws of another country then don't leave home!

I stand for Justice said...

Australia is a stupid country that practices double standards. If the so-called "human rights" and "sympathy" are so valued in Australia, then why didn't Australia lobby to have EVERYONE IN THE WORLD (inc. Singaporeans both locally and overseas) condemned to death saved from the gallows?

To bring to your attention, Australians actually rejoiced and celebrated the death sentences met out to the Bali bombers in Indonesia which has killed many Australians. To them, that is considered "Justice" because the lives of Indonesians are not worthy enough for them obviously.

Same thing done to Singapore. Nothing mentioned when Singaporeans are sentenced to death. Big whines when an Australian drug traffickers, who tried to bring 400 gm of Heroin through Changi get caught RED HANDED…they made big news on local newspaper...called Singapore names like rogue Chinese port, then try to play "Big Brother", think they are white hence SUPERIOR, and gather support from other white nations to abolish death penalty for their clause. Their dear USA is doing the same thing yet nothing said.

To Australians "AISA IS BABARIC" but never the west. Hence, Lex (Nguyen's lawyer) concluded that “If Singapore wants to be a FIRST-WORLD COUNTRY...” again showing contempt that Singapore is THIRD-WORLD. All this happens whilst Australia is accusing Singapore of showing Australia with contempt. It's sickening to hear false "facts" about Singapore everyday on the Australian TV, radios, newspapers etc.

So Australia, please stop your "Oh we are White hence almighty" attitude and start showing respect for others if you want others to respect you too! Don't give me the crap that you are democratic and fair and righteous after all the shits done to the Aborigines. If you wanna talk "human rights" in the international context then you probably should consider your position on the Aboriginal land right issues! It is common sense that YOU (WHITE AUSTRALIA) has NO RIGHTS to take away the land, the culture, the pride and of course the child of anyone whose a "lower being" because they are "coloured".
(PS: Isn't "white" a colour? Thought the only non-coloured colour is "transparent"?? hem..)

All the big hoo-haa surrounding Corby and Nguyen really crack me up.

Grow up Australia.