23 Oct 2005

Singapore ranks 140th in the world for press freedom

Singapore (140th), which has a quite different style, still has a very low ranking because the government headed by the son of founding father Lee Kwan Yew keeps its grip on the media and uses drastic laws to crack down on the few independent journalists.

Couldn't have put it better myself. This is considering 167 countries were ranked by RSF, and at the bottom were countries like North Korea. To think we are barely 30 countries away from freedom black-hole countries like China and N. Korea is truly a frightening thought.


soci said...

well at least it has improved from being 147th last year. Usually any statistic that puts Singapore in a 'better' light is usually well covered in the press. I wonder if this is occurring?

pleinelune said...

I haven't as yet seen any reports. But I am not surprised, because 140 is still a low number, and it is still about press freedom, which is pretty much a OB topic in the context of Singapore.

code22x said...

What to do? Singapore needs to maintain good relationship with its neighbors and ensure that its people do not fight among themselves due to race or religion, something westerners do not understand. It is so easy to imagine we Asians (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Koreans and of course middle-east) willing to kill and die to protect their race or religion. Moreover Singaporeans live in such close proximity from each other.
Harmony can never be established if Singapore allows the Press to write trash like they do in the West, then they can only hold together with Law and guns. Just look at US post-Katrina.