22 Oct 2005

James Gomez's Blog

A new kid on the block...
I am currently the 2nd Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) of the Workers' Party (WP). I joined the WP in 2001 and was co-opted at my first central executive committee meeting as a cadre member and later as 2nd ASG. In the 2001 general elections my (and team mates) nomination papers to contest the Aljunied GRC were declared void as the statutory declaration form were deemed to be improperly filed. (In 2005, the government amended the Parliamentary Elections Act to do away the need for a statutory declaration.) In 2003 and again in 2005 during the bi-annual party congress, I was elected as a central executive committee member and re-appointed as 2nd assistant secretary-general. I served for a period as chairman of the Policy and Communications committee. During that time, I organized and chaired two public consultation exercises on the New Poor and Social Cohesion and the Casino Proposal. From time to time, I initiate press releases ideas or am directed to speak to the media on selected matters. I contribute articles to the Hammer and my most well known piece is the New Poor. I am presently, vice-chairman of the North-East Area Committee and advisor to the Northern Area Committee.

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