27 Oct 2005

IMH to help addicted gamblers


I am not going to paste the article here and force all of you to read another inane article from Singapore media, but follow the link, and you'll find something rather amusing: IMH wants to help people addicted to gambling.

Understandably, this is to prevent locals from gambling their savings away. I do wonder, though, whether IMH extends this service to rich tourists who'll come here to gamble away their riches from 2009.

Probably not.


clyde said...

Just like the liberation of chewing gum sales, the casino project is just another farce. Low tax on casinos might seem attractive to the billionaires who own them, but at least part of the cost goes back to the patrons by paying a $100-$200 entry fee. I wonder if they realise the consequences. That practically eliminates all middle-class Singaporeans and below apart from some upper middle-class. No casual, small-time gambler will pay an entry fee that's the same amount they're willing to gamble. And casino owners will have to ask themselves how much they value the "small" gamblers.

The increasing gambling addiction related reports in the media is the govt at work to 'condition' fear of gambling amongst people. Because.....because if not our society as we know it will collapse like Vegas!

pleinelune said...

Yes, I've read report after report on gambling addictions in the paper. While I agree that gambling addictions are bad, the intent behind the reports turns me off.