11 Oct 2005

Dr. Chee Interview - The Pilot n' Jo Show

Dr. Chee Interview - The Pilot n' Jo Show

They speak to SDP Secretary-General, Dr Chee Soon Juan about free media, free speech, censorship and podcasting as a tool to reach out to the heartlander. It is something I should have linked to a long time ago. It actually caused quite a stir when the podcast of the same interview was released. Actually led to calls by someone claiming to be Dr. Richard Lim that they remove it immediately because it was a political broad/podcast.

QuickTime (175 MB)
Run time: 31:23


akikonomu said...

Soci, would it be a good idea to post a transcript of the thing?

pleinelune said...

probably not. he's treading thin ice as it is.

Niraj said...

I'll post a transcript with the show soon.