13 Jun 2005

Sarong Party Girl - Keep on Blogging

Is the Singaporean Blogosphere really abuzz? I have visited Sarong Party Girl's blog a few times,[for research purposes of course] and to be quite honest the pictures are not pornographic. The pictures do have an artistic quality to them, the stories are another matter however.

I just hope that she manages to keep her identity secret otherwise she could be in for a lot of criticism from fellow Singaporeans. The interest seems to be that a young female Singaporean, is not as sexually inhibited as the 'conservative image' propagated by the government would like us to believe.

As far as I am concerned it is her sex life, her sexuality and she can do whatever she pleases with it.

The government may not see it in the same light. They may counter that it shows Singaporeans in a detrimental way. It really depends on the type of gender identity your social policies and education system are trying to socialise the population into.

But all the social engineering in the world still allows for the individual to reject the role placed on them by society. Sarong Party Girl seems to enjoy flirting and playing with the role that she is supposed to assume.

Frankly, thanks for all the publicity. As for the criticism, what do I care. My confidence and self-satisfaction does not depend on anyone's opinion or judgment of me. Why should it, when all the people that criticize me are dumbasses anyway. Whoever you are, you are too narrowminded, thoughtless and irrational for me to believe your assestments of the person that is me should have any creditability atall for me to give a shit about what you think.

She is aware of the 'questions' surrounding her blog, yet soldiers on, expressing her self, defining her own actions. She may now have to defend her own actions to a wider audience, or reject the criticism. I hope she continues the blog, not for the reader but for her own development as a writer.

Sydney Morning Herald
June 13, 2005 - 8:55AM
Naked blogger attracts thousands

A 19-year-old girl who posted nude pictures of herself on the internet has set Singapore's blogging community abuzz, but lawyers say she is probably not breaking any obscenity law in the conservative city-state.

Writing under the moniker Sarong Party Girl, her weblog details her life and numerous sexual escapades.

"If someone were to flash himself physically, it's very clearly an obscene act," lawyer Jonathan Kok told The Straits Times. "But on the internet, it's a grey area."

The girl, waiting to enter a university, has gathered a daily following of about 3000 readers since she started her blog in February last year.

"There is nothing wrong with having a nude picture of yourself published or on show, as long as there is an artistic value to it," she told the newspaper. "These pictures were nice."

She admitted however that the blog has been kept secret from her parents.

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The Screwy Skeptic said...

I've probably just been away for too long, but I don't see what the huge deal is. It's a nipple. Boo f-ing hoo.

In any case, I read your blog regularly and love it, so kudos.

Dr. Fletcher said...
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Dr. Fletcher said...

I can't help but feel that she is a victim of Singaporean society's immaturity.

Under the guise of state-sanctioned "Asian conservatism", the people get to behave like kids who point and laugh at diagrams of genitals found in Biology textbooks.