15 Jun 2005

Results of the competition for best blogs defending freedom of expression

Here are the results. Singabloodypore was simply honoured to be among the list of 60 blogs that were nominated. Hopefully it will encourage bloggers concerned with Freedom of Expression around the world to connect to each other and help dispel the idea that a country can or does speak with one voice. The list of 60 blogs highlights the idea that there are many of us demanding freedom of expression. Some bloggers do so, even when threatened with prison terms.

Reporters Without Borders selected around 60 blogs that, each in their own way, defend freedom of expression. The organisation then asked Internet-users to vote for the prize-winners - one in each geographical category. More information about the Blog awards.

After two months of voting, here are the results :

Country : Malaysia
Language : English
An extremely popular blog that takes an independent approach to Malaysian politics and society. Its editor, Jeff Ooi, was threatened with imprisonment, at the beginning of October 2004, because he allowed on his blog a comment “insulting Islam”.
Africa and Middle East
Shared Pains
Country : Afghanistan
Language : Farsi

A blog commenting on Afghanistan’s political and social life with a forthrightness rarely found in this country

Joint winners
Al Jinane
A blog run by a Moroccan trying to “understand the complexity of the world”.
ICT lex
Country : Italy
Language : Italian
A blog on Internet law and new technologies
Press Think
Country : United States
Language : English
A blog run by an American journalist dealing with the media and free expression in the age of the Internet
Mojtaba Saminejad
Country : Iran
Language : Farsi
A weblog that earned its editor, Mojtaba Saminejad, a two year prison sentence in June 2005 (See : www.rsf.org/article.php3 ?id_article=12563).
In a demonstration of solidarity the 10 webloggers named here, who were also nominated for a prize, all voted for Mojtaba.They were : Nikahang, Shabah, Mithras, Khorshidkhanoom, Z8un, Memarian, Ghaja, Webnaameh, Shabnamefekr, Shargi.
Country : Germany
Language : German
A blog dealing with open source technologies, Internet-users’ rights and free expression in cyberspace.
The competition for the best free expression blogs was organised in partnership with Deutsche Welle's "Best of the Blogs awards".

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Daisy said...

You didn't win because all you keep doing is "cut & paste" content from other people's sites.