21 Jun 2005

The ISD?

After someone read the article Spookythey decided to forward the following to me via email. I have no idea if my wild goose chase to London had anything to do with the ISD in Singapore. My house upon return from London appeared undisturbed, but then again I recently moved house. Surely they have bigger fish to catch? Got me looking over my shoulder though.

The FBI is investigating complaints by US citizens of harassment by Singapore's Internal Security Department (ISD). One California academic, a widely respected specialist on Southeast Asian affairs who asked not to be identified, said ISD agents broke into his home because he was working to bring leading Singaporean opposition figure Tang Liang Hong to an American university. The operatives tore out his door handle to get in, then searched his computer and desk. A week later, an Asian man, waiting in a tree, photographed and videotaped the academic while he walked in the park. After temporarily blinding the academic with his bright flash, the man jumped from the tree and made a getaway in his car. Tang -who is facing a $4.5 million defamation lawsuit by Singaporean senior ministers-was not surprised by the burglary. "I've been followed everywhere, whether I was in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia or in London," he said in a phone interview from Australia.

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Mr Wang Says So said...

It IS the ISD. They pay peanuts and they get monkeys, hence the peculiar habit of climbing trees.

ISD, next time get a telephoto lens, ok? Think James Bond, not Mr Bean.

Anonymous said...

Thinking further, the threat you pose to the Singapore Govt is a digital one (with your blog)
As such, their main target if they did attempt to break in, will be the contents of your computer.
Some possible information they are seeking may be contacts (foreign or otherwise), informants information, bank/financial details, passwords and any other personnal details that may be used against you.
There is no need to physically break anything, just a copy of the harddrive will do and that is near undetectable.
Have you consider using some kind of encrytion on your computer?

Concerned Fan

lee hsien tau said...

I remove the necessary screws on my laptop, and take my harddrive with me wherever I go. You should practise that. Doesn't matter if you're in Edinbrough or Singapore. And read up on a few spy novels such as those written by Ian McInnes. Might as well be prepared if you're going to mess yourself with intelligence operatives.

Jowie said...

wow! tat's really something man.. you really mean business... or maybe.. proffesional

clyde said...

I recently discovered this blog. Reading it is like something out of Conspiracy Theory. But I think it's another great beacon for bringing to light many things that Singapore is trying to hide, and the measures it will take to do so. But this whole ISD breaking into people's homes, offshore even, is just creeping me out. If its actually true, then there is truly, truly a much darker side to the Singapore government than I first thought.

Jowie said...

actually, i would have quite agreed with such methods however, towards the wrong group of people n for the inappropriate intention.

it would have been fine If it was against something like corruption or any other crimes.