1 Jun 2005

Government Sanctioned Blogosphere of Singapore

Is the Singaporean blogosphere being invaded by the government? Who invited the government to the convention or has the entire convention simply been devised and planned by the government?

There’s a conspiracy at hand. Shine!, a government initiative, is funding (even if it is only the refreshments) the first Singapore Bloggers Convention.

No longer will you be able to hide behind online monikers like AcidFlask or Mr. Brown. Participants, please register at the table with your identity cards and your URLs.

What: Bloggers.SG
When: 16th July 2005
Where: Woodlands Regional Library

Please get in line so they’ll know who to sue should you have slightly controversial ramblings on your “web blog”.

Still think that blogs in Singapore are not "pick your favourite word here" by the Govt?
Well, here's proof.

Bloggers.SG 2005, the first upcoming Bloggers Convention of Singapore, would be held at the Woodlands Regional Library.

Let's review all the clues.

Tomorrow.sg, started by a staff of IDA.

Bloggers.SG 2005, held at a location owned by the state.
Refreshments provided by Shine, which is...

The Ministry for Community Development and Sport



The Legal Janitor said...

just so that you know Steve, the first one is satire and the second one is a crackpot.

jseng said...

and the third is just one with very big scissor and glue.

soci said...

so j seng who works for the IDA is not the owner of Tomorrow.sg. And the Shine group, whose website is registered with MCDS is not providing refreshments?

jeffyen said...

Yes, yes. But just because the logic goes one way, doesn't mean the inference needs to be true. Just because all school teachers work for the gahmen (which they do), doesn't mean that that actually means anything meaningful! LOL

Anthony said...


Considering that the Government is the biggest employer in Singapore (it employs 40% of all Singaporeans at last count), I can throw two rocks down the street and be guaranteed of hitting at least one public servant.

I throw two rocks because I have bad aim, but I digress.

See, here in Singapore, some of us don't live our entire existence at the dictates of our employee, especially outside the workplace. A few of the braver ones, myself included, don't even listen to them -in- the workplace.

That's how I get to blog so much and still make a decent living, but I digress again.

soci said...

IDA and MCDS are government organisations not one person

Anonymous said...

The Blog Community must be brought under registration and control through....creative ways...

straydog said...

It's not a conspiracy. You wrote about infantilism in the local blogosphere. I believe they are trying to live up to the potential. :)

wandie said...

"and the third is just one with very big scissor and glue." - By jseng, at 12:24 AM

A cheap shot considering that that's what Tomorrow.sg does as well (except with more pairs of scissors).

Gilbert Koh said...

Can we make it a costume party? Face masks permitted. ;)

The Legal Janitor said...

yah, fancy dress party. that be fun!

jseng said...

steven: you have a job @ the university? is it funded by UK government? so are you indirectly funded by them to do this blog? that would be an interesting conspiracy theory, no?

wandie: dude, so some people can make cheap shot at me so i cannot do the same back? get real. u play nice, i play nice. u slap me, dont expect me to smile and say 'oh, thank you for your constructive criticism' bullshit.

Anthony said...


In answer to the OTHER part of article dealing with government bodies, I have to point out that it is entirely possible for one government agency (MCDS) to be funding an activity that may be worrisome to another agency (ISA IDA etc).

Like every bureaucratic system, each portion of the system may function autonomously without realising that their functions may contradict de facto. It's a bit like the government initiative to pull in the pink dollar without giving full rights to the practice of homosexuality.

To head you off at the pass - it's not an "only in Singapore" situation. I do believe White House politics (and indeed UK politics) works in very much the same manner.

Now, where did I put those rocks...?

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