29 Jun 2005

Chee to launch new book

"the democratic revolution has begun!"

Dr Chee Soon Juan has written a new book and will be launching it in a public forum in less than two weeks. Entitled The Power of Courage: Effecting Political Change in Singapore Through Nonviolence, this book explains to readers the concept and philosophy of nonviolent action and why it is important to Singapore.

The book launch is open to members of the public.

9 July 2005, Saturday 2 pm
Grand Plaza Parkroyal
10 Coleman Street
Coleman Room, Level 1
(Opposite Peninsula Hotel,
City Hall MRT Station)

Unlike Dr Chee's previous books, this publication discusses how Singaporeans can take action to empower themselves and stop the political rot that afflicts our nation. It is a practical book with useful information on organizing activists and taking positive steps to wean the PAP off its addiction to authoritarian habits.

Mr Francis Seow, Singapore's former solicitor-general and the bane of the Minister Mentor writes the first Foreword, with Mr Robert Helvey, president of the Albert Einstein Institute and expert on nonviolence, writing the second. Mr J. B. Jeyaretnam weighs in with an Introduction.

The book also examines the laws that the PAP introduces to strengthen its grip on power and how these laws are applied selective against the opposition. Dr Chee also relates how nonviolence has been effectively and successfully applied around the world. The book encourages Singaporeans to be proactive and take the struggle for freedom to the PAP.

Yeshua-Moser Puangsuwan, Asia's coordinator for Nonviolence International and who was recently prevented from entering Singapore to conduct a workshop on nonviolence, wrote on the backcover of the book:

"In this brief but clearly written book Dr Chee has outlined the methods of non-violent civil disobedience, or the moral imperative of breaking unjust laws to bring about social uplift, as was advocated by some of the greatest practitioners of nonviolence, MK Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Using examples from the histories of different civil movements for social change, and giving specific examples from contemporary Singapore, he reveals how the current government of Singapore pursues the selective use of legislation, which instead of promoting the rule of law, entrenches the current People's Action Party regime's 'rule by law'. Read this book and pass it on, the democratic revolution has begun!"

So make sure you spread the word and make your way down to Grand Plaza Parkroyal Hotel next Saturday and see how you can be part of the democracy campaign that will ultimate win us back our country.


Jowie said...

hmm... is this book going to be allowed? I wonder...

soci said...

If they are launching it in Singapore I would assume that they need permission first.

So lets wait and see.

Thrasymachus said...

FYI, his previous book is still in the shelfs of Kinokuniya Bookstore. Think it will be allowed. But his opinions are questionably bias. He did raise some very good pointers but unfortunately, shot himself with some other overly bias statements. Seems like quite a few senior members in SDP didn't quite like him and his leadership. Many has left and join Worker's Party, which in my view is a more constructive opposition.

soci said...

Thras; Are you an SDP insider?

Thrasymachus said...

I'm definitely not an insider of SDP or any other parties. It was publicized widely by the former secretary-general of SDP Chiam See Tong...as for the book, I wanted to buy it, but then again, it is too pricy for such "known" author...

btw, can i add a link to your blog? thanks!