2 Mar 2005

Singapore's High Court Throws Out Suit

It is very strange that the use of lawsuits has been so successful for the members of the PAP and yet the dwindling opposition is unable to pursue such lawsuits for fear of bankruptcy. Has the Peoples Action Party ever lost a law suit? Again it really does highlight the lack of autonomy of between the executive, legislature and judiciary in Singapore. It's as if the cards are always in the PAP's favour, its as if the deck has been tampered with. Or is it a sample case of the opposition not having enough money to get into the game? The PAP has the funds to pursue such expensive defamation lawsuits. Wasn't the initial accusation from Chee something to do with the allocation of government funds? And funnily enough Chee's case is thrown out because Chee has not stated where his money comes from. It's all getting surreal and reads like an extract from Kafka's 'The Trial'.

Singapore's High Court on Tuesday threw out the suit after Chee Soon Juan, head of the Singapore Democratic Party, failed to answer questions from the court about the source of his funding, The Straits Times newspaper said. The case was dropped because Chee "did not file an affidavit as requested on Feb. 28," a court official said Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

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redrown said...

or it could be a coincidence..it really could be, you know.

Agagooga said...

Some might say: "Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times, conspiracy."

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