4 Mar 2005

Chee's wants MM Lee to answer interrogatories - Part I

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From: The Optical
Date: Fri Mar 4, 2005 12:51 am
Subject: Chee Soon Juan's Letter & Questions for Lee Kuan Yew, Part 1

The following was emailed to us by the Singapore
Democratic Party for dissemination.

We will post Part II in a day or two.

Chee's wants MM Lee to answer interrogatories - Part I

Dr Chee Soon Juan has sued Mr Lee Kuan Yew for calling him a fraud, a liar and a cheat, a dishonest person, a flawed character and a political gangster.

Dr Chee’s suit was dismissed yesterday by the courts because the SDP secretary-general refused to answer the interrogatories Lee Kuan Yew had served on him.

Interrogatories are questions one party can ask of the other in order to confirm or clarify facts and opinions. Mr Lee applied to the courts to require Dr Chee to answer a total of 96 interrogatories. The courts have agreed with Mr Lee that all his questions are relevant and ordered Dr Chee to reply to all of them, failing which his case against the MM will be dismissed.

In return Dr Chee has asked Mr Lee to answer his questions. In addition, Dr Chee has written to Mr Lee (see letter below) to answer the questions regardless of whether the courts allowed them or not. This is because Dr Chee’s questions relate directly to MrLee's own conduct on which the SDP secretary-general wanted to rely on in order to prove his case. Dr Chee has stipulated that he will answer Mr Lee's interrogatories if and only if the MM agrees to answer his. Mr Lee refused. Part I of Dr Chee's interrogatories to the MM are appended following the letter below.

21 February 2005

Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Minister Mentor
Annexe, Istana


Dear Sir,

As you know the case regarding my suit against you has come to the stage of interrogatories. You have asked a total of 96 questions in your interrogatories to me, and you have asked the courts to dismiss my suit should I fail to answer them by 28 February 2005.

I too have taken an application for a hearing to require you to answer my interrogatories. I note that you have instructed your counsel to oppose my application. In other words, you do not want to answer my interrogatories to you. You are aware that I have stated that while I have no problems in answering your questions, I will do it under one and only one condition: That you do the same for my interrogatories to you. If you fail to do so, I give you notice that I will not respond to your interrogatories.

This will obviously result in my action against you being dismissed. I am willing to sacrifice this for one simple reason: As much as you would like to hold me responsible for my actions hence yourinterrogatories to me, you must be held accountable for yours.

As you can see, the questions are straightforward with most of them requiring simple 'yes' or 'no' answers. They are crucial to my proving the case against you. I hope that you will not hide behind the legal system and avoid answering my questions. If you do, it will be yet another indication that you continue to avoid facing me in court. In the interest of getting to the bottom of the entire matter, I am prepared to answer all of your interrogatories. I only hope that you will not be diffident in answering mine.

As my application to serve the interrogatories on you will be heard on 25 February 2005, please let me have your response by 23 February 2005. Thank you.


Chee Soon Juan---------------------------------------------------------------
Interrogatories from Dr Chee Soon Juan to Mr Lee Kuan
Yew, click the image to continue reading the detailed questions...

I have saved the questions for my own use here...

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