25 Mar 2005

Real Reform is ALWAYS better than Revolution

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The tightly controlled media in Kyrgyzstan had - until Thursday - refrained from mentioning the weeks of protest that have shaken the south of the country.

As the demonstrations reached the capital, Bishkek, and protesters dramatically stormed the main seat of government, state-run TV showed nature programmes and a report about a circus.

At the same time, the private Pyramid TV channel chose to air Euronews instead of its scheduled local news. It then continued its programming with Russian soap operas.
But this all changed when a group of opposition supporters entered the state television headquarters.

Well I suppose comparing Singapore with Kyrgyzstan is rather erroneous. I mean Kyrgyzstan's media was controlled by the rulers, and Kyrgyzstan's leaders were accused of nepotism and corruption. Poverty may have pushed the Kyrgyzstan population over the edge. So the PAP are safe.

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RJ said...

Not to mention demonstrations are outlawed in totalitarian Singapore anyway.