2 Mar 2005

The Singapore Gamble: Debating the Casino Proposal

I first saw this on James Gomez.
The Workers Party

The Workers' Party will hold a Public Consultation Exercise on the proposal for a casino in Singapore. It will be held on Saturday, 5th March 2005 from 2 pm - 5pm at the Workers’ Party Headquarters, 216-G Syed Alwi Road, #02-03, Singapore 207799.

Thursday, 03 February 2005

The Singapore Government has announced a Request for Concepts to be submitted by end February 2005 for an Integrated Resort that will feature a casino to be located in Singapore. This call has been positioned as part of a feasibility study to consider allowing a casino to operate in Singapore.

Whether a casino will be eventually allowed to operate is said to be still undecided. Arguments from economic benefits arising for tourism to demerits of social fallout caused by gaming have been put forward by many Singaporeans. Some of these discussions have even taken the form of an online petition against the casino proposal.

The Workers' Party aims to debate the issue in Parliament and is convening a Public Consultation Exercise to invite members of the public to put forward the views. These views will be harnessed and form part of the viewpoints considered by the Workers’ Party in formulating its policy position on the casino and gambling in general.

This Public Consultation Exercise is a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to be involved in policy formulation. They will have an opportunity to air their viewpoints on the type Singapore we and our children want to grow up in.

Further details of the activity and other information can be obtained from www.wp.org.sg.

The Workers' Party, in the meantime, is keen to solicit views on the Casino Proposal. Members of the public are invited to send their views to the Party via e-mail at pcc@wp.org.sg or by regular mail to: PO Box 15, Toa Payoh Central Post Office, Singapore 913101.

I would have posted this a lot earlier if I had found it earlier.

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