2 Mar 2005

Masalah Melayu di Singapura: The continuous strive to “succeed”

If Malays have achieved well already as Goh in fact acknowledged in his speech then why does he point out this difference? The underachievement’ of Malays has to be constantly remembered, or more precisely re-created. Thus, in his speech, Goh sets new targets for Malays, such as the acquisition of skills in new growth areas as globalisation accelerates the pace of economic change.
Will this end? Until Malays in Singapore can free themselves from their habitual way of perceiving jaya (success) and ubah sikap (change attitude), they will always function as the inevitable element of difference that validates the majority within Singapore.
by Yasuko Kobayashi

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Links to a few articles on the 'race' issue.
Why are we so afraid of the 'R' words?

They want to turn the flowers down, go ahead.I mean, free expression as long as you don't get into race and religion and don't start a riot.

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