12 Jun 2006

Smile 2006

Ah, Minilee wants to welcome the world with a smile - or more precisely, he wants the entire nation to greet the IMF/World Bank conference with 4 million smiles.

It's as though Singapore is a gigantic Potemkin village, yes? That the entire population of Singapore will magically transform into obliging, smiling flight stewardesses to welcome the robber barons of global capitalism? And why on earth would Singaporeans be so docile and obedient to smile for the Prime Minister and his WTO, just because he's asking nicely?

Then again, this isn't unusual from the man who claimed that there is no angst in Singapore.

Okay Minilee and Mr Wong Kan Seng, here's my submission for Smile 2006.

Welcome to Singapore!
Protesters will be caned!
Have a nice day =D


Anonymous said...

a stupid man then will listen to his instruction to smile. why? do we need him to tell us to smile as though we are puppets.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder if I'll be fined if I don't smile at those corporate big fucks, or worse, insult them..

First, they want us to wave at other motorists, now they want us to smile at tourists.. do we have to wipe their asses for them next!?

Anonymous said...

Its the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meeting. It is not a WTO meeting.

At least get your facts correct. You weaken your argument significantly by making such a stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

CHANNEL NEWSASIA SINGAPORE 12 JUN 06: Judgment has been reserved on an action brought about by the Attorney General's Chambers for the election judge to dismiss a petition by the Singapore Democratic Party to declare the results of the 2006 General Election null and void.

Election Judge Andrew Phang will issue his grounds of decision at a later date.

The issue, which was to have been heard in the judges' chambers, was finally heard in open court.

The election petition was taken out by SDP member Chee Siok Chin last month.

But before it could be heard, the Parliamentary Elections Act requires that she furnished a $5000 security for costs within three days.

She did not do it on time, so when she went to the Elections Department to pay the money, the department refused to accept it.

Arguing the case for the Attorney General, Principal Senior State Counsel Jefferey Chan said Ms Chee's petition would be deemed to have lapsed the moment she failed to meet the time frame requirements to furnish the security amount for costs.

On that basis, he urged the election judge to dismiss the matter.

Mr Chan also stressed that the results of a general election are important as they provided certainty to the people as to who is governing the country.

Prolonging an election petition by granting extensions to a petitioner, who had failed to meet timeline requirements, would not bring about certainty of governance. - CNA /dt

Anonymous said...

a very singaporean way to make people feel that they are participating in national matters, that singapore is an important place; a needy way

Anonymous said...

did anyone follow the programme of xen fen xiang twe on every monday 9.30pm and 11pm?

today, media invited 4 speakers - 2 mps (si hai tong and eileen - lawyer - mp for sembawang) and another 2 locals to discuss whether the upgrading of hdb flats should be taken as an election topic.

one of the locals said that since it is the taxpayers' monies, then the upgrading should be fairly treated for both PAP and oppo wards.

as i had mentioned before, any mp once they entered into party will be brainwashed immediately.

true enough, that eileen, while defending the argument, also kept looking at the other mp next to her - si hai tong, for support. she argued that ppl should not viewed that it is entirely the taxpayers' monies as sg is every economic conscious, monies would be from other sources.

if i'm not wrong, the taxpayers monies are used for infrastructure, which i believe incl upgrading of hdb flats. what ever it is, it is still part of the taxpayers' monies.

and the fact that it is for the welfare of the society, then it is the govt's responsibility to do so, be it PAP or oppo wards.

Anonymous said...

and should not be discriminative!!

she also argued that oppo wards also used this as election topic.

whatever it is, both MPs are arguing on the same basis.

Anonymous said...

Parade! Stand at ease! At your own timing,.......SMILE!
(you there! cut that smile from your face! Stomach IN, chest OUT!)

wanhaddadsalleh said...

probably if they lifted tax off, increase salary, salvaged monetary funds..i would smile 24/7....hahaha

rench00 said...

i will smile not because someone told me to, but because i believe in the philosophy of smiling and that i think it does me good.

and so should all of us. besides, would being grumpy and not smiling at the evil capitalist pigs achieve anything? will it lift global poverty? no. it'll just make you and the evil capitalist pigs unhappy.

and no. we shouldn't cane protesters. we should shoot them. nabeh, as if all the road closures and security around town area wouldn't be inconveniencing enough. still want to protest. fuck off la. not in my country.

and if anyone disagrees, let's have a national referrendum (since we are democratic country) and if majority says that we shouldn't have protesters, then we shall not have protesters. democracy mah right?

Anonymous said...

The SMILE campaign is the govt.latest programme. Just smile whether you are rich or poor,full or hungry,employed or jobless,smart or stupid,bullied or the bully,honest or dishonest,yin or yang,etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

The SMILE campaign is the govt.latest programme. Just smile whether you are rich or poor,full or hungry,employed or jobless,smart or stupid,bullied or the bully,honest or dishonest,yin or yang,etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Likes to Remake Itself Often


Anonymous said...

The comment that repeats itself is not a clone.This is not my fault. I presume that it must be a technical error.As a responsible person,I have to explain.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyone who has lost the ability to smile has truly lost their spirit, and possibly their humanity.

To have a govt come up with a hair-brained campaign itself is a reason to smile, and belly laugh!

In fact, there is no excuse: one can always find something to smile about.

It's a befuddlement. Are the people stuck in "victim-hood"? And more importantly, is the state to blame?

I think not.

Anyway here's something I posted on the other forums relating to this "4 million smiles"nonsense:

You can even use your imagination to get your mind and body to "create a smile"

For example, when I'm blue, I think of Parliament House collapsing whilst the house is in full session, the earth then opening up, and swallowing the whole evil, tyrannical structure into its bowels.
I imagine the screaming and yelling...as these well-derserving puckered anal-orifices get their comeuppance.

...and I start to smile. In about 20 seconds, I break out into uncontrollable laughter—from the belly and from the HEART!

Anonymous said...

nobody says smiling is bad; the question is the motive behind it all

SG likes the meeting here to show how important the place is and how successful its diplomacy is; it wants people to smile so that delegates would go back to tell their own countrymen what a happy place this is

Jon said...

I love the Joker. Who else can take down the Batplane with a 3 foot long pistol..

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

SMILE campaign... to make the delegates feel that we are happy that S'pore is our homeland and it is a great place to [put your choice here]

Why should a person smile?

To look good on the camera...
saw something the person likes (the ambassador is pretty?)...
something's going on with the person mind (think about something evil to kill your enemy, MUHAHAHA!! Do you feel great?! Now that's a smile!!)

Hm... after many kinds of treatment from the gov. Should I be smiling? What a hard choice.

Now does anyone think about photoshopping the smiles so they look much better?

Anonymous said...


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pleinelune said...

"......Let’s give him diversity. I want every one of you - every person who is more or less out, and has a steady partner, to smile for him. I want you to wear rainbow colours, and pose as a couple for PM Lee. Hold hands, hug, whatever. And I want you to smile. I want you to show how very happy you are, and how undysfunctional and normal you are, even though you are gay......"

Anonymous said...

what the fuck have we to smile about? the latest campaign is a new smethod of hoping the sepember delegates see just what a happy country they have entered.

Maybe they should be given a tour around the shithole HBD blocks without water ane electricity and water because the poor fucking singapaoreans are not able to earn enough money to pay all the bills.

A great deal of this Island is poverty strickent, some families earnhing less than $800 a month, while some shithouse incoherent minister banking more than $120,000 a month. I am sure there is no more imbalance anywhere in the world than singapore.

Only a mental cretin would smile for this latest campaign.

Wshen they leave the delegxates will view this Island as one big fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Another bo-liao initiative.

People smile to make connections with other people; when there is something genuinely funny, happy, and interesting...

We are not robots, smile on cue... Perhaps Govt would like to pay us a smile bonus just specifically to smile for the delegates. BTW, how would we know he/she is a delegate? They wear stickers/badges the whole day all over Singapore?

Oh puh-lease...

I smile on my own terms, in my own way, to whom I choose when I choose, not because someone earning > $1m a year tells me too.

Anonymous said...


What does it take to change the essence of a man? The essence of Singapore?

Why must come up with dumb campaign like this? True 4 million smiles can only come from million-dollar-ministers like SmiLEE lah!

Heck, people are crying because of no food, no/low pay, hutang here, hutang there, and Mah Bow Tan's 'tan koo koo' upgrading in PP and Hougang. Now, SmiLEE wants 4,000,000 S'pore smiles to glorify What? Who?

MiniLEE becomes SmiLEE?
What will he & his sin doctors, oops, spin doctors think of next?

Question: If MM comes after SM and SM comes after PM, What come after MM?

Now smile!

Question: Where does money come from for this campaign huh?

More kor cheoh???

Techblogy said...

What a good observation from you.
Yes, smile is powerful, especially Joker's one, hihi.