23 Jun 2006

The Offending Jesus - Zombie Cartoon?

Char was this the offending cartoon that you posted? If not, how about everyone trying to help me find it. Post your html links in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Why can Muslims the world over complain and raise their voice when their Prophet is insulted and caricaturized, but Christians cannot raise their voice of protest when their Lord and God is caricaturized as an evil zombie? This is simply not logical at all.

chr said...

yes, that is the exact picture.

as to "anonymous'" question, here's the answer - they can raise their voice and protest. Like how this picture can be considered a methaphor of the corruption of reason by religion.

Or maybe how the jyllands-posten cartoons became a self-fufiling prophecy of islamic followers turning violent.

The question now is: are the people going to capitulate to violence and threats, where eventually, only right-wing religious conservatists will be able to take the "moral high ground"?

Anonymous said...

erm.....I dunno to laugh or cry....but this picture is nothing......

I am sure majority of christians and catholics who kept quiet and did not complain overwhelms the minority who complain and one complained to the police.

The police cannot act on just one such complaint rite?

I prefer a group complain then police act on such issues.

How about asking police to act on the thousands who complain about the Upgrading For Votes Tactic that divides the nation and could tear Singapore into two?...lol

It has the same consequences for religious disharmony.

It is too minor.

Anonymous said...

I think is offensive but it does not warrant an arrest or investigation.

I hope Singabloodypore removes it so it does not get shut down. I hope Singabloodypore will think of the long term and focus on political issues.

Dun get your fellow contributors into trouble!

Anonymous said...

Why can Muslims the world over complain and raise their voice when their Prophet is insulted and caricaturized, but Christians cannot raise their voice of protest when their Lord and God is caricaturized as an evil zombie? This is simply not logical at all.

Because everyone knows what Jesus 'looks' like (go visit any Church, dumbass) and he certainly doesn't look anything like the 'vampire' in the picture above?

Seriously.. because the caricatures of the Muslim prophet and Allah could be surreptitiously meant to describe Muslims as followers of a violent religion that abets murder, thus colluding terrorism and suicide bombings with Islam, and inciting hatred and suspicions toward Muslims. To publish those cartoons in Singapore would be seditious and very offensive indeed. However, that caricature of Jesus as a 'vampire' is just bollocks. Does anyone really believe that a caricature of Jesus as a 'vampire' could be meant to surreptitiously describe Christians as vampires, and that it would incite non-Christians and non-believers to turn overnight into Van Helsings and drive wooden stakes through Catholics and Christians!? You have to be really mad to believe that (some Christians apparently are). So if a harmeless cartoon is even considered seditious, then what about utterations like, "I'll kill that muthafuckin' idiot for Christ's sake!" I overheard that at work yesterday, and I didn't for a moment thought it alluded to Christians and Jesus Christ as abettors of murder. No Christians who heard that were about to complain to the police too, and it's not because the guy who said that is an angmoh!

Anonymous said...

Oops.. Didn't meant to be anonymous above. On another note, I salute whoever publishes the allegedly seditious cartoon. I just can't stop laughing at the stupidity of some overzealous religious nuts.

Anonymous said...

This guy sums up the attitude of PAP well. Only he dares to speak the truth:


Anonymous said...

Why do i have this sinking feeling that sinkapore is turning into another north korea or taliban time afghanistan?
Fuck...leave the sinking land before it consume you....

Anonymous said...

As far as it goes, anyone has the right to insult or say something critical of a religion and its uses and abuses in whatever democratic setting. But we have to remember that even freedom must be carried out with responsibility, and I mean individual responsibility. The government coming in to "teach" or say what responsibility is by far the PAP's stand because it is believed that for them, Singaporeans do not know. This has largely become a vicious cycle where it repeats itself and indeed, Singaporeans end up not knowing what responsibility is as a result of such cases of being controlled.

And no, even if it is a caricature, the idea is still offensive in itself. We are not just talking about the picture's lack of realism, but more about the idea's potential seditiousness.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting the poster. otherwise i still do not know what the infamous sketch look like.

and i agree, if the authority decide to take actions, it will be a case of much ado about nothing.

Anonymous said...

And no, even if it is a caricature, the idea is still offensive in itself.

What idea? I didn't know Christians believe that vampires existed. I thought they only believe in God. If they believe in vampires, maybe they also believe pigs can fly..

Anonymous said...

it is immature people like these, that the government can use as an excuse to repress freedom of speech in Singapore.

We are too childish to speak freely!


While I don’t like seeing Christ depicted like this, I can see the funny side. If Christians wish to protest, then it is their right; but unlike the Jyllands-Posten scenario we don’t have extremist groups inciting violence and creating extra cartoons with which to implicate the west.
   Ultimately, it is down to each community’s standards and the bigger picture at play: Jyllands-Posten and others crossed a line because the reaction and even deaths were predictable; here, publication would be unlikely to create violence and deaths.
   However, I do not stand in the way of any Christian who feels protesting is something that (s)he must do because one’s Messiah and faith have been insulted.

Anonymous said...

all i could sum up in just a few words of argument: "whenever anyone who said that there are two horns on your head, why get irritated if you know that it is not true at all!"

Similarly, why border about the caricature.

If the religious group concerned are not bordered at all by the caricature, why do the garment care?

When there is a need for the garment to care, they don't seem really to care? For example, pei tong ma ma, the NS men drowning incidents, foreigners illegally entering sg with fake passports, etc. But when there is no need to care, they care so much!

Hope that the garment can take the right action for the right thing at the right time! Therefore, in my opinion, the need for the check and balances by the opposition is indeed necessary!!

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Anonymous said...

I am starting to think that it is really a one-way street in this case of the cartoon. Those who advocate the cartoon want it around without allowing those who feel insulted to react. It has to be both ways, that as much as one has the right to comment, criticise or caricaturize a religion or faith, people also have the right to defend their faith against such caricaturized portrayals. While it is true that most people would understand that it is a caricature, it is in actually laughing off an idea such as that "Christ was a form of vampire or leech living off our brains, in the sense of demanding our brainless and unquestioning allegiance" which is really the problem. People here on this forum commenting whatever they have should learn that it is a two way thing. You want to insult Christian religion, you have to also face Christians' reactions, regardless of whether they are fundamentalists or not, and as it is, I think it is actually the immature ones who go on that crying wolf thing by calling those who protest against the offensiveness of anything religious zealots or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the authorities are just making use of this issue as another opportunity to demonstrate what they can do to us if they deemed whatever we blogged/posted had crossed the(ir) line

Anonymous said...

Hello Soci and Char. Why stop here? Go ahead and post the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in your blogs too?

Will you? Will you? Freedom to offend and intolerant people should grow up remember? Or are you chicken and only pick on "safe" targets in that freedom to offend crap.

Anonymous said...

Hello Soci and Char. Why stop here? Go ahead and post the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in your blogs too?

Will you? Will you? Freedom to offend and intolerant people should grow up remember? Make your point. Or are you chicken and only pick "safe" targets in that freedom to offend belief.

Anonymous said...

This sedition act is more a joke than the 4 pictures posted.

Is there any petition for char or anything that bloggers can do to help him?

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, the world's religions have been the seat of trouble, poverty for more than a thousand years.

The crusades between christianity and islam dates to the twelth century, and looks like raising its ugly head again.

Look at the Catholics in Northern Island fighting with the anglican church.

Take 9/11, muslims have become the seat of terrorism, they are hated.In South America, the priest makes sure his flock, although poverty stricken breed annualy, and when the question of finances raises its head, the sporiest will say god will prodided, go and multiply.

And here in Singapore once a Muslim and buddhist society; for some reason, and I believe, like the mobile phone, it is a crutch, thousands have suddenly changed to tyhe catholic church. why?

Anonymous said...

Please ... I am Christian but I think the cartoon is really harmless. God wants us to forgive ...

He even died for sinners... so who are we to condemn any 'wrong doings'?

To me ... this pic is drawn out of boredom, cause the artist could have done a better job.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people MUST POST PICTURES or JOKES about religion???

Everyone knows its sensitive and different people will react differently to it ....

at the end of the day its not which religion or which picture you put up, you will eventually end up offending someone ... not every singaporean is as open as some of us ... not everyone can take a joke ...

Char ... by not removing the first picture and putting up three more, in my opinion is irresponsible and deserves to be punished.

I am all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, etc etc etc but with that freedom comes responsibility not to offend.

There are many instances where singaporeans are not mature enough to handle this freedom. SPG when she posted her nude pictures had ill comments about her parents. The tammy cell phone porn incident, the annabelle chong incident.

As Annabelle bluntly put it ... singaporeans will rat on you cos they have nothing better to do ...

My point ... if my ramblings above didnt clarify it is
1) Char deserves to be punished, he was lucky he got off scot free
2) This is singapore, live with it, you do something different and people will rat on you or think youre a sicko
3) if you cant live with that then move to somewhere else


Anonymous said...

This isn't offensive.. It's just represetative of what today's organized religion is trying to do. I support such artwork and I am going to use my 2-cents to see that more people see this image.