11 Apr 2007

Singapore - Ministerial & Civil Service Pay

Received via email

Mr. Low Thia Khiang (MP for Hougang)

Dear Sir,

Good governance needs an effective parliament and Judiciary and Singapore has established since her independence till to day. In the modern world, states derive from the concept of "public." They are defined as entities that effectively and rationally fulfill their tasks and govern public affairs.

However, in Middle East, Africa, some part of Asia, South East Asia states are essentially privately owned and controlled by their leaders, whereas public is defined as that which is subject to the influence of the social groups or communities from which those leaders arise.

Political leaders in Middle East, Africa, Some part of Asia & South East Asia are abusing the power and status, thus work to protect the interests of the social groups to which they belong. In so doing these leaders are able to maintain their status and position and remain corrupt & evil.

I was reading an article "Ministerial & Civil Service Pay" and your view it's seems not appropriate to you and you said Singaporean should not give the government a blank cheque to do so.

But my view is that the Singaporean should not wonder why it is been done rather they should consider it as a performance bonus for their civil servants those who generate revenue for them to secure theirs and theirs next generations future to save them from a poverty trap.

You don't have to go so far up-to USA or to Europe to find out why it's important to pay Singapore Civil Servant a reasonable amount and in return how much Singaporeans are benefiting from this payroll.

Bangladesh has 150 Million People with natural resources such as gas, oil, arable land, timber, coal and we don't purchase water from any other country to drink.

If you just study the present political situation in Bangladesh. You will know how important it is to pay the right prices for the good people those who honestly & devotedly bringing the country forward and giving a gift of such unique democratic system to the nation.

We have never paid well to our civil servants & have never practice such system in Bangladesh. So, over the last 35 years, we had some incompetent, dishonest & evils those who created the country is one of the top most corrupt country in the world.

At present, the two former prime ministers and some of their former ruling government members and opposition party's top political leaders, MPs, Ministers has escaped in order to avoid their numerous allegations of corruptions & extortion charges. The rest of them are in jail. They have transferred the government funds of hundreds of millions of dollars to their personal account in overseas.

Do you think we really ever had a good democratic system in Bangladesh?

Do you know why we have failed to provide simple three democratic rights as a human?

In last 35 years, our all former ruling government and their oppositions leaders has failed to ensure to provide

- a simple shelter on the head

- three simple meal a day for their hunger and

- a simple cloth for them to cover their shames

Having plenty of natural resources what have we achieved? I don't need to mentioned about other the modern Telecommunications, Transportation, Health Care, High Standard Education systems which you have to-day in Singapore.

Our all former ruling government literally has looted the countries resources rather than the proper distributions of the wealth for the people.

An opposition party also can contribute to a good democratic system by providing constructive, reasonable & logical feedback or suggestions in order to progress and to value add to what the present ruling government adopted not just the criticism of everything what the government does..

Please take my apology if my words are not right as you desire and probably I don't have any rights to voice my views on this issue as an alien but as a citizen of the Net.

With Best Regards

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