25 Apr 2007

Singapore air force tanker deployed to IRAQ war

This is the greatest example of 'newspeak' I have yet to come upon in my 30 plus years of existence.

The WAR and destruction of Iraq and the WAR in Afghanistan are a 'multinational reconstruction effort'.

By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia
Singapore's Air Force has deployed another KC-135 tanker aircraft detachment to the Gulf.

The SAF's Chief of Defence Force, Major-General Desmond Kuek was at Changi Air Base on Wednesday morning to send off the team.

The Defence Ministry says this is Singapore's latest contribution to support the multinational reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The KC-135 detachment will conduct air-to-air refuelling missions during its three-month deployment.

Since 2003, the SAF has made deployments of Landing Ships Tank, KC-135 tankers and a C-130 aircraft to the Gulf. - CNA/ch

Whatever you do 'don't mention the war'. It might upset our neighbours in the South East Asia region and undermine our attempts to generate closer ties with Iran, if they all realise that we are providing physical support to the US led war.

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