15 Apr 2007

AFA Youth Outreach Programme

medium_header_021.pngWith this blog post, we are taking the first step on the journey to revolutionising the way we deal with HIV and youth. This is the first post in our efforts to reach out to apathetic youth of today, in moving beyond dry sex education classes.

This internet journal aims to fill the gap that exists, with youths unable to seek information anonymously on matters related to sex and sexuality. We aim to provide a constant flow of information necessary to protect yourself, and thought-provoking articles on this controversial issue.

HIV and youth is a thorny issue today, weighed down by immense political and sociological issues. Much as people would like to pretend it does not happen, it does. Much as people would like to pretend abstinence is the cure for all this, it does not work in practice, and it would be foolish to continue burying our head in the sand and continue pursuing ineffective programs for the sake of political correctness.

AFA Youth Outreach Programme is a bold new initiative, led by Indu and Sarah, to push the boundaries of political correctness and social limits, to find innovative ways to rectify an age-old problem. This internet journal is part of the online component of the multi-pronged approach to making safer sex a lifestyle choice. Our other programs are as follows:

1. Grassroots outreach to at-risk youths through distribution of condoms at youth hang outs

2. Online outreach in forums and internet spaces, and through strategically placed safe-sex adverts

3. Information collection through surveys on teens

4. Talks/workshops conducted at regular intervals to educate teens on safer sex

If you wish to contact us, in relation to participating, volunteering or enquiring about our programs, please send an email to youth.outreach@afa.org.sg. You can also direct your personal questions on sex and sexuality to that address. We will do our best to answer all emails.

Be Aware, Be Safe

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