13 Apr 2007

Danish Politician Threatened With Arrest in Singapore


Yes, I was there at 7pm......the forum want on quite smoothly without the speeches of the foreign democrats.They were not even allowed to respond to questions from the floor. 3 SDP speakers including the chairperson Chee S Chin took the floor.Newcomer John Tan a masters grad from USA spoke first followed by Dr CSJ. The Opal Room was full house with many standing behind....maybe 100+ audience. The forum ended at 9.30pm. Watch www.singaporedemocrat.org for further reports on the forum the PAP Govt tried to kill with a misleading report in the ST today to prevent people from going....What a shame!

From bohchap1

Other are saying that the forum attracted maybe about "50 including 20 or so journalists and SDP members". Via email.

I am trying to get information on how the forum went. Hoping that someone somewhere has recorded the proceedings. So far all I can find is this...

By Gregers Moller

A Danish politician, Anders Samuelson visiting Singapore has been told that if he speaks at a meeting promoting demoracy in Singapore he will be arrested. The same goes for seven other members of the EU parliament who are visiting Indonesia and Singapore this week.

Anders Samuelsen has complained about the restriction placed on him through a press release issued in Danish in Denmark. If this will land him in trouble in Singapore remains to be seen.

"It is indeed proof that the fight for democracy in Singapore is still on, when you can prohibit someone to speak at a public meeting," Samuelsen is quoted by the his party's press release.

Samuelsen and the seven EU parliamentarians are members of the liberal group in the EU parliament (ALDE).

The meeting is with the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD).

"I am shocked. This is state control of the worst kind and ought to be a black spot on the democratic conscience of the government. Jeg have along with the other participants objected to the foreign committee of the Singaporean parliament, but the decision stands. Also the EU ambassadors have had no luck in trying to influence the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore," Samuelsen says.

Still Samuelsen and his colleagues have decided to stay in the meeting.

"We have decided to participate anyway, but we have been issued a clear message that we will be arrested if we say something. It is absurd but then again it comes as no surprise when you consider the government of Singapore," he adds.

According to the press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sinagpore issue on Tuesday a statement saying that Singaporean politics were for Singaporeans only to debate and that foreigners who involve themselves in domestic Singaporean affairs are not welcome in Singapore.

Anders Samuelsen may while in Singapore be reached for additional comments on his mobile phone +45 5126 7616

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