8 Nov 2005

PM Lee says general elections are coming

As far as I am aware there are rules and regulations regarding websites engaged in political discussion during election time. The regulations state that the site should register as a politcal party or stop posting during a section of time in the run-up to election day. Something tells me that we may need clarification of this matter. Do we have to wait to be approached by the relevant ministry before registering? Surely someone out there knows the regulations regarding this matter.

Copied from Singapore Window
Agence France Presse
November 7, 2005

PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong said general elections are coming and urged the ruling People's Action Party to help him get a strong first mandate, according to reports on Monday, Nov 7.

Lee took over after his predecessor Goh Chok Tong stepped down in August last year

The prime minister, who is also the PAP secretary-general, urged his fellow cadres at the party's twice-yearly convention to help him secure a strong mandate at the next polls, which must be held by June 2007. He spoke to 2000 party cadres in a closed-door meeting, reports said.

"We must be strong nationally and on the ground to win the trust of the voters," Lee, 53, was quoted as saying by the Today newspaper.

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akikonomu said...

Soci, it will come when it comes, and we'll deal with it then, not now. I always had the impression that the registration was for sites commenting directly on the elections and the campaigning, not on general stuff. I could be wrong, though.

pleinelune said...

Well then, if this law is really going to be enforced to the strictest letter, fully a quarter of the Singapore bloggosphere will have to register as political sites. Times have changed since that law was implemented.

I wonder if the law would apply to podcasts as well? *cough* SDP podcast *cough*

akikonomu said...

As pleinelune hints, they will probably find the majority of the populace unsupportive of such a move. Like how the populace will react with scorn should the authorities arrest - for example - the organisers of yesterday's event for formenting a Marxist conspiracy. The world has moved on.

soci said...

the concern I have is that yes, times have changed since that law was passed. Can anyone remember when the law regarding sedition was passed and used before its latest enforcement.

soci said...

and akik yes the world has moved on. Has the PAP. We are about to find out I think.