3 Nov 2005

PLU Open Meeting

I received this email from the signel and redqueen mailing list, and thought to share it with the readers who may not be in there. Please do attend this meeting if you can.

PLU Open Committee Meeting on the 10th Nov

The title begs more questions than it answers, and that's deliberate.

There will be a week of activities at the National Library and Drama Centre leading up to its official opening on 12 Nov. Most of the activities are in the form of interactive theatre.

On most evenings, the big room on the 5th floor will host a committee meeting of some NGO or other. Normally such meetings are closed-door, but for the purposes of challenging the public's minds, they will be open to the public, Whether the public can participate, or only observe is left to each NGO to decide.

People Like Us has been allocated the evening of Thursday 10 Nov, time slot 7.00 - 8.30 pm. So we're going to hold a meeting there where the public can see real lesbian and gay people (who don't look anything like the Fridae crowd, haha) talk about gay stuff.

The public are of course free to wander in and listen. We're even going to allow members of the public to speak and offer their views. However, we will set one condition. If anyone wants to speak, he must take on the persona of a gay or lesbian person and speak from that perspective.

(I wonder how many straights are going to take up this challenge)

The event is sponsored by the National Arts Council, who have with some difficulty swallowed hard and agreed to having People Like Us on the program. Printed leaflets too. Slowly, slowly, we're becoming mainstream.

This will be an eye-opening experience to you, especially if you are straight. Please do attend.

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