24 Feb 2005

Poll Results

The name Singabloodypore is offensive.
Yes, strongly agree. 24.78%
Yes, I agree. 11.06%
Don't know. 2.65%
No, I disagree. 21.68%
No, Strongly disagree. 39.82%

Total votes : 226

So the majority voice wins with a significant lead.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the majority of people in the world did not want war, but it happened anyway.

Anonymous said...

People who took statistics 101 will know that there is a bias in that most people who come here would not mind. It doesn't mean that it isn't offensive to most people.

Anonymous said...

Sociologist don't study statistics.

Anonymous said...

If 35% of the people you meet everyday, excluding those that hate you so much that they don't want to see you at all, called you an idiot, I would be quite worried.

McbloodyDermott! said...

Who cares? The name should stay. Otherwise I would have to change mine.

soci said...

yes I am aware that it is not representative of the entire population of Singapore, or people who read blogs. It is however representative of those who visit this blog.

anonymouse2005 said...

It is biased because it allows voting more than once. It should only allow one vote per person.

Your new survey isn't really phrased fairly, most of us have no intention of going into politics. Even you have no intention of going into politics. It should read

1. Do you intend to enter politics as a career?

2. Would you join the PAP if your answer to the first question is "yes"?

soci said...


you are assuming that you have an idea of why I am asking the question. Have you guessed the hypothesis?

And anyway the thing has disappeared, got to go find it.

anonymouse2005 said...

It's a flawed question anyway, based on what I learned in RM.

Razzle Dazzled said...

if this poll is based on the opinions of the people who visit this blog, it is therefore a biased poll as those who come here are like-minded lackeys of yours.

if i were to set up your poll in a website that would be named "www.ilovemysingapore.com" it would be obvious that the people who visit that site would vote singabloodypore being offensive.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Nah, it's not offensive.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you bitch...
the name singabloodypore is a totally insult to the country... what if i say your country's name in an insulting way?? would you like it? and the polling you did does not mean anything... maybe most of the people visiting this website are not singaporeans.. thats why the results are as shown..don't you have any respect to other country??you sound like some bloody jackass!!!